Thursday, 23 September 2010

Post Haste

Blog reader 'JayDub' wonders if "anybody has any ideas why Royal Mail are only delivering every other day to Sandringham Road?"

There is a rumour, but the Postman I spoke to would say no more than that!!!!!"

Are you suffering from post problems in your road? Do tell.

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Anonymous said...

Certain days of the week, especially Mondays, we don't get any post at all and when it is delivered it seems to be around midday or later. Washington Road.

Anonymous said...

I'm live in Brinkley Rd and we only seem to get post every other day..

Martin said...

It is probably because they are too busy shovelling junk through my letterbox.

Anonymous said...

yes - moreton road - only seem to get post every other day.

The Brinkster said...

In Brinkley Road we'd missed the post for a couple of days so I the next time I saw him I asked the postman why post was intermittent and he said that it was "an overtime route" from which I understood that it's not scheduled as a priority delivery but only if there's someone willing to work overtime to do it.

Anonymous said...

i heard this is the case all over worcester park one set of roads get mail delivered one day then not the next to allow the other roads to be delivered the following day thus only a delivery every other day even though royal mail are obliged to deliver to every household six days a week! Apparentley the number of staff at the delivery office has been cut drastically so there is now not enough postpeople to deliver all the rounds everyday which simply isn't good enough!

Anonymous said...

CUTS CUTS CUTS.............

Mick said...

I am only getting Bills delivered...

Kendo said...

Only lived in Worcester Park for a year but not got any mail on a Saturday for that whole time...

Anonymous said...

I suppose I should thank myself lucky that I am receiving my post daily after reading of some roads only getting post every other day!.......However, even after a phone call to Worcester Park sorting office,no explanation could be given as to why I am still receiving my post over 4 hours after my next door neighbour! quite often between 5 and 5.30.
The only week it comes at a reasonable time is when the relief postman is on. Very frustrating!

H said...

Not to sound a bit obvious here, but have none of you actually thought for one second that maybe you just didn't get any mail on said days??

Anonymous said...

kendo please dont write lies, when this is very serious matter, as one blogger has pointed out worcester park office has had major cuts to its staff, people with young kids were just told at a few weeks notice that they were not wanted anymore so the rest of the staff have had to pick up the 3 rounds and do them for no extra time or money on there duty roster,
surport your postmen and women in this area, complain to the manager and area manger who is based at epsom.
the more people moan and groan something will be done, i know my postman and all the others at worcester park care about giving a good service, lets get behind them

Jeffers said...

The reason that postal staff numbers are being reduced is that the Post Office is only handling half the mail it did in 1990. That's why it's reasonable to expect postmen to cover more than the round they were covering in 1990 - less letters to deliver on each round means the same amount of work for covering more than one round. Elementary. Yes? No?
Where an industry is contracting the reduction in numbers should be made through natural wastage and encouraging early retirement with financial incentives. The postal service in Worcester Park West is first-class with deliveries 6 days a week always before lunch.
If you're having trouble in other parts of WP complain to Epsom about your postman - not the smaller work force handling fewer letters.

Jacey said...

I seemed to think I got more mail on a Thursday and I put that down to the "company" doing some work on a Monday and posting it snail-class to get to me on Thursday. Never really had a problem, with more stuff on-line etc. Not something I worry about seeing as they have to deliver so much rubbish anyway just for us to re-cycle it.
I live in Trent Way and think our postman (postmen) is great.

Jalyn said...

As a small business owner working from home, I have found the new regime a big problem. I receive post every day without fail and before last week our wonderful postman would deliver by 9.30 latest, then it all went wrong. On Tuesday I rang the delivery office at 1pm to find out why I didn't have any post. The poor chap I spoke to sounded like he was going to cry. He explained that there have been big cuts following an assessment that took place and was based on August numbers. Obviously this doesn't make sense as lots of people take holidays in August so there is less post. He told me that Tuesday is a particularly bad day for them. He said there is back log of mail. He also said (after telling me he shouldn't be saying this) that he has worked for Royal Mail for over 20 years and used to be proud to say he worked for them but now he is just embarrassed. When I explained I ran a small business and really needed my mail that day, he personally dropped it round to me on his way home. I am grateful for the work our postmen do and have lodged a complaint via the Royal Mail website, although, let's face it, the chances of any action being taken are slim.

Anonymous said...

The government are definitely cutting resources in an attempt to make the Royal Mail look inefficient and out of its depth. Next step, sell it off.

I cant wait to see what god awful service we get from one of the many dozens of private companies who will be 'running' the postal service in the future.

The left hand wont know what the right hand is doing, and you'll be lucky to get any post at all! And we'll pay a lot more for the privilege i would imagine.

Government privatisation = Wash their hands of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Idmiston Rd; many days go past when anyone recieves post.
Once had a recorded delivery coming, where the Royal Mail promise it will arrive before 13:00; it arrived with the other post at 12:45! Wasnt happy as i had stayed in all morning waiting for it when i was expecting it to come in the morning.

The Dutchman said...

So they delivered it before the deadline they said would?? No wonder everyone is complaining when the bar is sat THAT high.

Anonymous said...

im a postie at worcester park and what most people say on here is true, we have lost about 20% of the staff here and we cant deliver all the mail now. the manager knows this, the area manager knows this but they dont seem to care about the service anymore. I find this an absolute disgrace. I just hope powers that be will finally come to some sence and try to get it right.

Anonymous said...

oh dear jeffers
you must get your facts right
we are taking out more mail than 1990 but we are charging less for what we take
twice a day post! remember that,
the rounds have been made larger year on year for the last 5 years with worcester park many rounds down on ten years ago.
worcester park east, west, north, or south, is covered by worcester park office and not epsom why complain there???
you sound like a royal mail manager if so tell everyone what office your from,
and as for the poor person who waited in until 12 45 for a recoreded delivery there is no time frame for that service the 1pm is for special deliverys
hope that clears most things
if in doubt talk to your postman we are always ready to help

postman pat and jess said...

as jeffers says the omount of letters may be down but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that weather your walking up a garden path with 1 letter or 10 for that house it takes the same omount of time and what about all the crap leaflets that have to go with that 1 letter how many sets a week is it now well over 5 i know!! Keep complaining to the manager at w/pk as we know the lovely w/pk residents deserve a better service than what they are getting at the moment!

Jeffers said...

That's right Anonymous, everyone who disagrees with you must be a Royal Mail Manager. So what is the Union doing to help you? I presume it's not only WP that's affected, so what has the Union done to inform the public of what's happening? How much are you paying each week into your Strike Fund? Do you actually have a strike fund because at the end of the day the only weapon you have against Management is to withdraw your labour and picket any privatised scabs they bring in to do your job. Are your Union leaders tough guys or time servers?

Jeffers is right said...

I agree with the community spirited Jeffers point of view - so long as my mail is sent and received, then the postal system is working perfectly and I simply couldn't care less about any other aspect of it, or anyone else's experiences or opinions of it. Elementary, Jeffers. Yes? No?

Also, my children have all been through the local schools, so they can be safely shut down, the staff fired and the kids kicked out, onto the streets. When I have some grandchildren, then I'll let you all know that I require you to restart funding local schools and paying for my grandchildrens' education. Sounds fair to me.

Jeffers said...

The previous blogger is putting words in my mouth that I have never said - and claiming I have beliefs that I don't hold.

What I did say is that if the number of letters has dropped dramatically over the years (as widely reported) then a smaller workforce is needed.

I also said that deliveries in WP West are fine which is a statement of fact - so why should it be suppressed?

I do care less about other peoples' experiences in not receiving a good service which is why I suggested that perhaps the postal workers' union isn't doing its job of supporting its members' interests and the interests of the community - and postal workers should be prepared to withdraw their labour if necessary.

You can say what you like but don't put your words in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Cotswold Way estate and would just like to say that my postie is fab!!

Anonymous said...

why have the postmen not thought of that!!
the postmen who are trying to get the service back to a high standard,they beleive you should all get
strike so no one gets any mail!!!!
we need you dont we!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When we pay & put a stamp on our post we are paying for a service - its the managements duty to arrange this service (because we've just paid for it!) - the poor posties are just the employees & shouldnt be moaned about or directly to. Do your job management
Balmoral Road resident

Anonymous said...

i live on cheam common road and our postie is a dream, always helpful, always has a smile, and the legs are not to bad as well!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I have the same postman as you, as I am very close to Cotswold Way, and I agree that he is brilliant. He knows everyone,and does a great job. If I remember rightly his name is Iain and I hope he gets to hear how much we appreciate him.

Jeffers is right - KT4 is wrong said...

Jeffers, accepting your own dubious statistics, how much time do postmen now save by delivering half the amount of mail to the same number of addresses? Elementary. Yes? No? Well if in doubt, try walking to your nearest pillar box with two letters and then seeing how much quicker it is with one…

...Or perhaps you believe the Royal Mail are delivering the same amount of mail to only half the number of local addresses as they were in 1990? If so, please pinpoint for us the half of Worcester Park that has disappeared since then…

To clarify the beliefs you do/don’t hold, please tell us how you can both support the withdrawal of labour and oppose the strikers? And who and where in Epsom should we complain to, reference Worcester Park's mail?

I don’t think you could accuse me of putting words in your mouth, since there’s precious little room with both your feet in it.

Anonymous said...

if the amount of mail has dropped so dramatically why are the local posties taking out more bags than ever before yet still leaving so much mail behind up against the wall and in the frames because they simply don't have the time in their working day to deal with the huge volumes.........

jeffers said...

I don't know if the oddly named 'Jeffers is right - KT4 is wrong' is a postman or not but he must get it though his 5cm thick Neanderthal skull that he is not serving the cause of postal workers by insulting their customers.

I was under the impression that postal traffic had halved since 1990 since this 'fact' is frequently drummed into us on TV. If it's not true, then the post office workers union is losing the propaganda war and should take urgent steps to put their side to the public.

Postal workers pay money to the union every month for a purpose - some of it should now be spent telling MPs and the public that mail traffic is at the same high levels as 1990 (thanks to junk mail, but don't knock it if it keeps the postal service going and postmen and women in jobs) whilst the number of postmen and women is being axed and those remaining are being given impossible targets to achieve - resulting in a rapidly deteriorating service.

Why not an envelope bearing the words 'Urgent - from your Postman' and inside a brief but effective explanation of the postal workers' case delivered to every home in Britain? The call to action would be 'Write to your MP' and if only 1% responded it would mean MPs getting several thousand letters each to answer which might make them take the problem seriously.

It would cost the Union pennies to print the mailings and postmen and women would I'm sure be willing to donate half a day of their free time to deliver them. Elementary Yes, without the No option!

Where did you get the idea that I would oppose the strikers? I have been on strike more times than you and thoroughly recommend it - so long as the Union has built up a sizeable strike fund for a long-term walkout. Token one day strikes without pay don't do anybody any good. Sorry if there are too many words of more than one syllable in all this for you to understand, 'Jeffers is right - KT4 is wrong', but that's your problem.

As for the posting of the multi-apostrophied Anonymous I have to inform you!!! that your message is illiterate and unreadable!!! just take a look!!! so I'm unable to answer you but could I suggest that serious postings are best made before a visit to the North End Tavern rather than after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Postmen do not get strike pay!

mr tea total said...

jeffers i love you man
once again you get your facts all wrong, and give me the chance to make you look like the ill informed poor soul you are
its says so on the tv... lol thats your arguement to falling mail streams. as iv'e all ready pointed out thats wrong
as me down the pub... i am infact tea- total not to say that the north end tavern is not a fine place to drink or eat.. another fact you have got wrong
you seem to have a lot of thoughts on how postmen should handle whats going on in worcester park, so i invite you to have a meeting with a few of us for a chat and a drink (soft one for me) at somewhere lets say er....the north end tavern. and see if we can put our heads together and come up with a way forward
plus it might stop you looking like a mug on this blog
looking forward to meeting you

Anonymous said...

dear jeffers
yes mail volumes have dropped from 85 million items per day in 2005/2006 (the highest of any year)
this year 2009/2010 figures are 77 million a reduction of about 10 percent
but since 2005 delivery staffing levels have dropped 14 percent
these are figures from postconn/royal mail
add to that the huge increase in packets from internet shopping /ebay the postman is carrying more weight than ever
despite this several weeks ago worcester park delivery office(kt4 postcode) had 3 postman let go, so 3 walks about 1500 homes have no postman these 3 walks(24 roads) have to be covered by the remaining postmen after their own walks
but with less posties in the office to sort the mail and the uncovered walks to prepare the posties are getting out later and often srtuggle to finish their own walks in time, meaning parts of the uncovered walks may not go out till the next day but covering this may cause the postman not to finish their walk that day

yes since the cuts in staff the quality of service has gone down but please dont blame the postmen heavy mail bags bigger walks and less staff the posties can only do so much

as to the posties/union sending out a mailshot i somehow think management might object to this

Anonymous said...

to norman the postman

fifa 11 £25 at sainsburys

Anonymous said...

Some of you are right and the rest of you are just wrong so wrong in fact that it's people like yourself that make our job harder it's not "the posties" fault that your not getting mail certain days have you ever stopped to think that your not the the queen therefore you DO NOT get post every day??? If you want your service to get any better then may I suggest you flood royal mail and the delivery office with complaints to the management because there the ones who thought up this bright idea in the first place and for god sake support your postie because he's doing all he can to make sure you get your mail! And after all if your really that bothered about your post then I suggest you get up off your backsides and collect it from the office!

Jeffers said...

If you don't get strike pay it's because you're not paying into a strike fund. Elementary, Yes? No?

Royal Mail management has no control over what posties do in their spare time and if they chose to deliver a mailing to customers puting the postal workers' case nobody could stop them.

Anonymous!!! If you really DIDN'T write that illiterate post after a trip to the North End Tavern, that's even more worrying. It's not only your writing that's a problem, it's your reading too.

You failed to notice several posts back that I accepted that posties are being given impossible work loads by money-mad management and savings-mad Governments and tried to suggest some helpful counter-measures.

In return you call me a "mug" and an "ill-informed poor soul" and are generally abusive.

Your nastiness isn't only reserved for me, you tell the rest of your Worcester Park customers to "stop thinking you're the Queen" for expecting deliveries every day and to "get off your backsides" and collect the mail ourselves.

Anonymous!!!, you are your own worst enemy: an expert at alienating people who are could be your natural supporters and a liability to your colleagues.

However, your online rudeness to your Worcester Park customers will not put us off supporting postal workers in their just cause of protecting jobs and an efficient postal service.

Your rudeness and aggressive language towards well-wishers has certainly alienated me and I'll...err...take a rain cheque on your kind invitation to drink with you at the North End Tavern.

Jeffers is right - reality is wrong said...

Jeffers, how long ago did your brain cells unanimously walk out on a long-term strike? You simply can’t be for real – nobody could ever be as implausibly thick-skinned or as implausibly thick – let alone both! You would have to be comprehensively lobotomised to be as genuinely and impossibly ignorant as you claim to be.

Whilst your comments certainly offer the most entertainingly ill informed contributions and uniquely ridiculous perspectives that this blog’s ever seen, your opinions are just too ludicrous to be true. If you were for real, you would be renowned throughout Worcester Park (and far beyond) as the KT4 village idiot.

susiecutie said...

It seems to me that we are all agreed. Our posties are working really hard and are doing a great job (thanks Stuart) under difficult circumstances. Management/Government are ruining the Royal Mail (even without Adam Crozier. My old man was a postman out of Streatham SDO and took early voluntary retirement because he couldn't stand the stress anymore. Streatham had really strong Union representation but they still suffered bullying etc from Management. If W/park doesn't have a good Union rep then, I'm afraid, Management will walk all over the posties. No Postperson can identify themselves with any comments on the blog, without the fear of disciplinary action from Royal Mail.
Postmen and women of Worcester Park, we salute you.
Now can you all stop bitching with each other please.

yogi the bear said...

jeffers you must be very devoted to this blog as your last comment was sent at 4 oclock (4am) this saturday morning have you nothing better to do. even my owner who is a postman at worcester park was fast asleep, i myself was licking my tackle and thinking about a nice walk in the park with cassie a lovely gsd who lives down the road
anyway jeffers keep up the comments
got to go now the boss says its walkies time and if i slobber any more on the keyboard he wont let me use the computer

regards Yogi : a very friendly gsd

Jeffers said...

There you go again, Anonymous, hurling insults at people who support the postal workers of Worcester Park of which you are supposed to be one. There is enough material in your latest posting to keep a team of psychiatrists busy for a year.

It is quite clear to me that you are an agent provocateur working for Royal Mail management whose job is to drive a wedge between postal workers and their customers and bring the postal workers cause into disrepute. Such tactics are not unknown and it is the only explanation for your irrational, dare I say psychotic, behaviour.

I therefore warn your colleagues at the post office to watch you carefully to minimise the damage that you are trying to do to the postal workers' cause.

Jeffers said...

Well spotted Yogi. No, there is absolutely nothing better you can possibly do at 4 am in the morning than expose people who want to wreck the post office by bringing their cause into disrepute.

It didn't help that my pc froze at 2a.m. and it took ages to sort it and rewrite the posting after the original got lost. But it was worth it.


mr tea total said...

ahhh jeffers your a star
there you go again im sorry to say i did not put up the blog about the queen and get your own mail comment,
be man enough to say sorry, its a shame that you have not taken up the olive branch offer from the postmen of w/park as you say you surport us seems strange your not willing to do so
we all look forward to your next post

Jeffers said...

You can assume as many identities as you like but you have been exposed as a sabateur in the pay of Royal Mail management whose purpose is to alienate post office customers from the rightful grievances of the postal workers by constantly insulting those customers.

I want no olive branch from such a person who willingly betrays his/her colleagues working in the post office and repeat my warning to those colleagues to exercise extreme caution where this person is concerned to prevent further damage to their cause and their fight against unrealistic work loads, staff cuts and deteriorating service to the public.

I'd better close now as it's past 2a.m. and I don't want to distract Yogi the Bear any longer from licking his tackle.

mr tea total said...

my poor fellow jeffers
still not man enough to say sorry?
im sure it will become clear to you that i dont need to hide from anything, if you dont want to meet the postmen come and meet me, im sure we can have a informed chat about whats going on with the post service
we want to sort this whole mess out so i take the sticks and stones view to the silly comments you write on here about me.
im sure very soon there will be a name and number to the manager inforcing the cuts im w/park
thank you from all w/park postmen and woman for your nice comments on this blog, it does mean a lot to us all in our fight to get the service you all deserve

Jeffers as the secret double agent! said...

I see Jeffers has now unmasked a conspiracy by Royal Mail management to sabotage Royal Mail. He’s launched his crusade to expose how “the local service being run down and operated on a shoestring”.

Apparently he’s wedded to the postal workers and claims to have exposed a psychotic agent provocateur, aiming to “drive a wedge between postal workers and their customers and bring the postal workers cause into disrepute”. Anyone who disagrees is apparently “in the pay of Royal Mail management”.

How strange, perhaps there’s a subtle transformation afoot? … So subtle that it is only slightly more obvious than a BA 747 passing overhead at treetop height…

Jeffers, wasn’t it you who claimed all was well with the local postal service – “first class” as you called it? Wasn’t it you alone who stated that it was entirely reasonable to expect declining numbers of postal workers to accept increased workloads, and that a smaller workforce was needed as postal volumes had dropped dramatically?

Wasn’t it also you that claimed they had indeed declined by 50% and stated “complain to Epsom about your postman”? And wasn’t you who mocked local postmen that “everyone who disagrees with you must be a Royal Mail Manager”?

Yogi barks because he’s German shepherd, but Jeffers, you’re just plain barking! Perhaps the 4am post was due to that being the time that you finally broke out of your straightjacket? Or perhaps that’s the time when the mothership hovers over Waitrose car park and secretly communicates with you?

I thought you were a comedy invention, but you appear to be a genuine, self-deluded fruit loop…who else would be writing comments at 4am? Anyway, I look forward to your next madcap instalment…

Jeffers said...

LOCAL KT4 POST HIT BY STAFF CUTS! Many people in Worcester Park are experiencing late mail delivery - and often days when no mail is delivered at all.

The problem is that 3 postal workers have suddenly been made 'redundant' and the remaining already over-stretched KT4 posties expected to do their work in addition to their own.

That means 4,500 KT4 homes in 24 roads have now lost their dedicated postman.

Not surprisingly local posties, already sorting and delivering 5% more mail than 2005 with 20% less staff, simply can't cope. Mail is regularly delivered late and some days there is no post at all!

I'm not a postman, nobody in my family is a postman and so far deliveries in my corner of KT4 are still relatively unaffected. But the problem's going to snowball and affect more and more roads - specially after the October Budget cut-backs are announced!

So I'm asking all KT4 residents to spend just 2 minutes to make a formal complaint on-line. I urge you to do it NOW - by the time you're only getting 4 deliveries a week it will be too late.

The object is to get the 3 posts in Worcester Park reinstated. Do it for the posties who deliver our mail in all weathers with a smile! Do it for yourself!

Local and Area Post Office Managers don't seem to have the power to stop the rot. So I'm asking you to swamp the Official Post Office Complaints portal with e-mails telling them what the problem is, where it is and what needs to be done about it (ie reinstate the 3 posts).

Don't just leave it to someone else, it only takes 2 minutes - so do it now.

1. Go to
2. Click 'Letters and Parcels' at the top.
3. Click 'Customer Service' in the bottom right corner.
4.Click the large 'Post Office' symbol.
5. Click the 'Unhappy? Complaints form' half way down.
6. Write and send your complaint - stress it's a FORMAL complaint.

Remember, you can't expect a second-class Post Office to deliver a first-class mail service!

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest you lot will you! - How old are you??? I get more sense out of my nieces who are aged 9 & 4!!

The idea is to moan at the post office management not bitch at each other.

kendo said...

Anonymous wrote on the 27th "kendo please don't write lies". If you want to call me a liar then at least have the decency to do it with a name instead of hiding behind "Anonymous" you coward.
I don't believe I said anywhere in my post that it was the fault of anyone in particular or that I did not consider it a serious matter. Fact: I have never, not once, had post on a Saturday. You can read into that what you will "anonymous". You want to insult people then do it somewhere else.
I'm not usually one to get irate at other people's posts but iritation and annoyance is the only defence I have in such a forum!!

Another anonymous said...

"Give it a rest you lot will you!" I totally agree with the other anonymous. You lot need to support our posties. You lot need to take on post office management. You lot need to publicly act preserve our postal services. You lot need to stand up and be counted.

Whilst me, the other anonymous and his mastermind nieces are standing by to publicly take the credit, if you lot succeed.

KT4 Village Idiot? said...

Us lot are totally fed up with being insulted by online posties ie 'KT4 Village idiot'. 'get off your backsides and collect your own mail', 'do you think you're the Queen, expecting deliveries every day' and your hectoring 'You lot' tone..

Your intervention on this thread has been a public relations disaster for local postal workers'. If you're not actually taking your twelve pieces of silver for doing exactly what Royal Mail management would want, you certainly couldn't be doing a better job for them.

Anonymous said...

Well said i completly agree with you. The bloggers are doing more damage rather than intervene to help u guys at the royal mail.
I get my mail everyday and the postmen are fabulous for the job they are doing.

Anonymous said...

my posties are superb in lindsay road

Daley Mayall said...

The sorting office is in Green Lane, next to the site of the proposed mosque. Surely this must be contributing to the decline in service.

Also, The Hamptons is at the end of Green Lane. Surely this must also be contributing to the decline in service.

There, that's solved. I blame the proposed mosque and The Hamptons. Before they were around, postal services were fine.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the anonymous and the village idiot who said that they were fed up with empty-headed idiots writing on this blog.

Unfortunately, just like the village idiot and anonymous, I’m another empty-headed idiot, so I’m going to similarly follow in their footsteps and label everybody else as empty-headed idiots, without the slightest concept of irony.

As for the local postal service, I doubt many who write on this blog have the slightest idea about running it and suspect most of them find breathing in and out complicated.

K4 Village Idiot said...

Breathing is not complicated at all, it's simply a matter of inhalation followed by expiration. Or is it the other way round?

axlrocky said...

is this the most blogged topic ever? surely eclipses the Save Kingston Hospital Campaign another equally pointless tirade starter.

Maybe we can have a historical top ten WP Blogger to open up some old sores!

KT4 Village Idiot said...

No way, axlrocky, at only 58 postings this topic hasn't even got off the ground compared with 148 postings for the phantom mosque of Green Lane.

Anonymous said...

That's certainly true KT4 Village Idiot. I suspect there are fewer comments about the postal service than the planned mosque because nobody has yet flatly denied that a postal service exists or has tried to insist the postal service must be called everything else, other than a postal service!

Anonymous said...

There have been almost 600 new delivery points in The Hamptons, and the staff at Worcester Park has been cut by three (so far).

Jeffers said...

Complain now - Bring back our postal service! Three postal workers have been made redundant in the KT4 postal area and the postal service in parts of Worcester Park is suffering badly as a result.Quite understandably, the rest of the posties can't handle the extra work load.

Could I draw everyone's attention once more to the posting of 3 October showing how to make a formal complaint online to the Post Office (which should take just 2 minutes) calling for the reinstatement of the posts - and the postal service!

Unless enough people complain, the PO will do nothing - and could well get the idea that they can get away with further cuts after the 20 October budget cut announcements.

Thank you.

Barby K said...

Our post is early if we get it before 3pm !

Luther Blisset said...

Maybe if they spent less time feeling up envelopes for cash inside opening birthday cards and playing football with parcels they might actually be able to get all the work done or if they can't stand the hours get another job im sure many of the unemployed would like a cushy number with good 'perk's like a little cash in hand

Paul said...

Daily, free, hand delivery of mail to every letterbox in the country is an unnecessary and expensive anachronism. Move on.

Andrew said...

Firstly it isn't free, really, is it.

And secondly, you cannot say its an anachronism when there is probably only a handful of paperless organisations in this country.

You can't say the postal system is outdated, unless you also go to every person and company in the land and demand they go totally paperless. Which is never going to happen.

I agree there is probably going to be fewer letters in the future, but you cant email a kettle or an item of clothing to someone. Physical post will always be used, so the postal system needs to be preserved.

Streamlined where needed, yes, but slashed to within an inch of its life is not a good move. We need to save the postmen and women of Royal Mail, a privatised company will be a hell of a lot less efficient, or a lot more expensive.

The postmen we have in our road are great, and when you're at work, what difference does it make whether your post comes at 9.30am or 4.30pm?

Plus at least when Royal Mail can't deliver a parcel, all I have to do is walk to Green Lane on Saturday and pick it up. When couriers miss a delivery, you either have to struggle to re-arrange it, lest it be returned to sender, or drive to Gatwick airport to pick the bloody thing up!

Paul said...

My assertion that it is free is based on the fact that I don't pay to receive my post, and all of the comment on this subject has been based on the receipt or otherwise of a daily delivery. If it is so important to all those Irate from Worcester Parks who have written on here to receive a daily early morning delivery, then perhaps there is a market to charge for that service, covering the costs of the postmen, providing a high-level service to those who need it, and a minimal, low cost service to those who aren't bothered. I would not mind receiving mail once a week.

The sender pays, of course, and I would expect them to be concerned about the service they are receiving and look at alternatives if they are not. If they are not happy that, for the price of a first class stamp, mail will reach its destination anywhere in the UK probably tomorrow, maybe the next day, then they have options.

True, I can't imagine that anyone or any organisation is totally paperless, but e-mail does cover many items, such as bank statements, utility bills and letters from old friends. It doesn't leave much that must be delivered by the postman and I don't think I am exaggerating if I say that a very high proportion of the post that does still come to me courtesy of the postman (whose costs are currently subsidised by the taxpayer) goes straight out into the recycling (totally funded by council tax).

The postal system in total is not homogeneous. Delivering kettles and other internet-sourced bulky items is a growing business, one for which there are any number of competing organisations and where it seems to be possible to make a profit. I imagine that Andrew's experience of dealing with "while you were out" deliveries is not uncommon, and there is clearly room for improvement for the parcel delivery businesses; as I type I have a business plan forming in my mind for an independent local postie who can be a specialist final delivery service working for several different companies to deliver door to door within a tightly defined area.

The postal system in its current form is outdated. There is undoubtedly a role for a new equivalent, whose gestation will be painful, but I think a lot of the (often vitriolic) comments here hark back to an unsustainable image of the good old days.

Jeffers said...

An organisation that delivers 7 million items every day is hardly an anachronism that has outlived its usefulness. If Royal Mail must be privatised, the postal union should hold out for a 51% shareholding not the 10% they've been offered.

Andrew B1 said...

At last! An educated and reasoned comment with no Daily Mail undertone.

Thank you, Paul.

The man from Caverleigh Way said...

To take this discussion back a few steps to the issue of postal deliveries in WP - I have been in electronic conversation with the Royal Mail customer services team - not an easy thing to do! It is almost impossible to find any means of contacting anyone on the Royal Mail website.

Anyway, following a couple of 5 day waits for generic pre-written responses that bore no resemblence to my complaints I receieved the following response.

I suggest that other readers follow my lead to raise awareness of the issues that we are clearly all facing.

I complained about the non-arrival of several letters and the fact that I have been experiencing delays of up to 3 weeks for some of my post.

Royal Mail response:
Dear Mr xxxx
Thank you for contacting Royal Mail.

I was very sorry to hear of the problem you've experienced with mail addressed to you.

Of the huge volumes of letters and packets we handle, very few encounter a problem along their way - but we take every single failure seriously.

My investigations into your enquiry have included checking all available service information and I cannot identify any reason why this problem has occurred. Additionally, due to the millions of pieces of mail that pass
through our massive postal pipeline each day, we cannot trace items unless a specific trackable service is used.

I have, however, been able to take the following action:

. Logged and reported the full details of your complaint
. Passed these details to my colleagues in our delivery operation

I'm afraid there are no further investigations I can make, so I hope that
the action and explanation above resolves your enquiry and concludes this
matter. If you have any other concerns though, please contact us via the
details above, quoting your unique reference number xxxx

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Royal Mail for the problem you've had, and our thanks for taking the time to make us aware of this. Please be assured that we take letting our customers down seriously and will use this information to make further improvements.


Nicola Donaghy
Customer Service Advisor

Get on with your job for life................ said...

Hello Bloggers, seems like there are lots of Worcester Park postmen/woman having their say here.

If the staff at W/Park delivery worked their time instead of going home an hour or more early then this situation would not arse.
Prime example - they take their cars to deliver mail, once they have completed their rounds they rush home.

I know of a person who finishes early so that he can deliver DHL packets in the afternoon. So he earns for the same hour from 2 companies.

They should stop moaning, accept reality to work their paid hours instead of behaving like kids, i will not do this/that, etc. End of the day this is not going to help their long term employment prospects. OPPS i forgot we 2nd jobs as a security.

As for Mr Tea Total, you sound like one of the posties, have you checked whether you are employable outside Royal Mail. Probably most of you will not pass the applications stage, LOL.

Happy Days ahead!....illiams

Anonymous said...

Post is rubbish again! Someone must be off on holiday :-)

Barb said...

Ours has got better, we get ours well before noon now instead of 3pm. We are in the Beverly Road area at the top, where are you??

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,

We are over on Windsor Road - no parcel post for 11 days now - starting to get worried as Mum's day present is in the post, along with 2 birthday presents

misslawbore said...

I tend to get most of my post on a Friday (Windsor Road)

Anonymous said...

We are on Sandringham Rd and our post is rubbish recently. We only seem to get it about every 3 days and it's always nearly a week after the postage date marked :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi misslawbore,

Genrally no cause to complain. Couple of things a few days late, but this is the first time there's been such a long gap with no parcel post.

Normal post (letters) is fine. But no post at all today.

Just worried now and wondering where it has all gone.

It's definitely been sent

Anonymous said...

No post for a few days. I suspect the Census forms might be saturating the 'system' this week, although often days can pass without a post person in sight.

Anonymous said...

There's good news and bad news:

The bad news is that postal prices are going up by around 10%, as of Monday.

The good news is that you can buy books of 1st class stamps 5% off (the old prices) at Superdrug tomorrow and these will still be worth the first class rate on Monday. (So you'll effectively get a 15% discount off Monday's prices.

Scrumpy said...

Missing lots of parcels from around 20th-22nd March, I finally phoned the WP sorting office who said they had a "backlog".... and rang me back when they'd found 6 of them.
I went to collect them...they didn't know when they could deliver.
They must have several more of my parcels of them 3 weeks late.
I'll try again in a day or two.
Nobody said sorry by the way...but I was so pathetically grateful to have my parcels I didn't make a fuss. It's not great though is it?
I have every sympathy with Royal Mail staff but when you order stuff for birthday presents/mothers day etc and it doesn't turn up for 3 weeks plus you start to get a bit cheesed off.
Post is still very erratic (in Pembury Ave).

Rick said...

I sent a packet via 2nd class yesterday afternoon, from Worcester Park Post Office and by 5pm today, it was at its destination in residential Bristol.

Incoming mail seems to be unfailingly reliable. Even during the winter snow, I saw our postman (Ed) hauling our road's post along on a sledge! The parcelforce chap is also always polite and super efficient too.

Everyone 'on the front line' seems to be doing their respective jobs very well, so I take the opportunity to say to them 'thank you'.

However, if the mail system is your biggest worry in life, and you impatiently look forward to receiving a daily fix of junk mail, rest assured, you've got no real worries in life... nor, unfortunately, any real life.

Anonymous said...

If you run a small business that is dependent on an efficient and effective postal service then it has a profound effect on your real life. Namely staying in business or not.

We are paying for this "service" and it is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...


Imagine the next time you are in Argos, having agonised for hours through the catalogue at what letter box draught excluder you want. You then diligently queued and payed for the item but then you had to stand there waiting for hours because the staff eventually told you they can not be arsed to go out the back to fetch it for you.

No doubt you would be a little bit put out and may even choose to shop elsewhere? Unfortunately, with our mail services we do not have that option.

SheppyD said...

I run a tax/accounting practice from home. I really need the postal service working properly (even though luckily I have been able to do a lot of stuff online these days).

So Rick although I wouldnt say it is my biggest worry in life- it certainly is a big one!!When a few days pass by with no post at all I start to get very concerned in case there are urgent matters that I need to deal with. It reflects badly on me and my business where I want to deal with matters promptly yet I get letters late.

Rick said...

SheppyD/Anon of 6th April, in a world of telephones, email and Internet access, I am surprised to hear that a small business, (particularly in the highly competitive and highly the time sensitive financial services sector) is still heavily dependent on the efficiency of early Victorian mail service of the 1840s. It may be cheap, but your competitors have a considerable advantage over you – and that can’t be good for business (unless your customer base is maintained on the basis of being cheap).

Anon of 7th April, I tried really hard to imagine what it must be like to be in Argos, agonising over a choice of letterbox draught excluder, stuck behind a Hamptonite chavette on her mobile phone, agonising over which piece of Elizabeth Duke jewellery would best complement her tattoos.

And stuck behind me, a Hamptonite geezer shouting down his mobile phone, agonising over his next court appearance and highly irritated that his own defence team seem to believe the CCTV, rather than his version of events.

I’m afraid, at that point, I couldn’t stand the thought of agonising in Argos any more – I’d prefer to live with a draught in the letterbox. And then I came up with the alternative solution of exercising the choice of ordering this one from Amazon, which avoids both Argos and Royal Mail, since Amazon don’t use them:

PS As yet, I still haven’t experienced ‘KT4 mailroom meltdown’. Both my own letterbox and letterbox draught excluder are still in use on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Rick- lucky you if you haven't been affected, a lot of us have though! And for the record, Amazon do use Royal Mail. Check:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ricky,

As much as your amusing lampoons do make me smile, I am still waiting on packages posted 3 weeks ago.

Willing to wait, but I feel that 3 weeks for RM Standard Parcels is a bit excessive.

On the other hand, a neighbour went down last week and they did have a (successful) hunt around for his package after telling him there was a backlog so I might do the same.

It does sound like they have a few operational issues, but at least they aren't closing the doors.

Out of the last 3 Amazon packages sent my way, 2 were via Royal Mail, and one was via CityLink. The CityLink one, and the tracked Royal Mail one have arrived, but not the untracked parcel. This is a common theme unfortunately, and, to be honest, the reason it is a problem is because Royal Mail are usually so good. Daily letter services don't seem to have suffered.

Hope the staff at the Worcester Park Sorting Office are okay, as their service, until recently on the package side at least, has been good to excellent.

SheppyD said...

Rick do you think it is clever or at all polite to make a comment that implies that I have a second rate business because I need the post to arrive. If you had any understanding of the work that I do you would know that I do not have any choice when it comes to communicating with the tax offices.They use the post to send enquiries, demands and other documents. Unless they make a change I am held hostage to the postal system. Sorry if that means I am not keeping up with my competitors - who must use telepathy then as there is no other alternative!

Of course all returns and accounts are submitted electronically - but that is from me outwards, which isnt the issue here it is the incoming post.

Apart from the 'tax office issue' do you also suggest that I tell all my clients to either scan the million receipts they want to send or visit in person otherwise should they be so dumb as to want to post something I shall no alternative but to immediately cease to act!Again I cannot control my clients - I can only control my own work.

Also -why are you so upset that people want to get regular post in roads that are obviously having issues.If you are not having issues then good for you.

Rick said...

SheppyD, I don’t think it is clever or at all polite to make a comment that implies that Royal Mail run a second-rate business, full of idle employees - and that certainly isn’t my own recent experience. However, I do think RM is a convenient and frequent target, on which the blame is parked for failings by their more inefficient customers – both business and personal alike.

Unable to communicate with the tax offices? …“held hostage to the postal system”?… How very dramatic! Are you seriously claiming that the turnaround times set for your business, by tax offices, are so impossibly unrealistic that you cannot meet them if Royal Mail fails to deliver everything to you at breakneck speed? If so, I wonder how all your competitors cope with the same closing dates? Maybe they have found the alternative: to ensure their returns are submitted on time? … Or, as you suggest, maybe they’re simply telepathic?

Either that, or perhaps, Royal Mail and the Tax Offices have are involved in a conspiracy against just your business? Perhaps, as you read this, the chief postie is unveiling a map of KT4 to his subordinates, explaining with a pointer stick and a German accent, the latest secret offensive against you? “Ladies und Gentlemen, a co-ordinated thrust. Vee vill strike here von Green Lane and link up viz Tax Office forces, approaching von North Cheam, to encircle and neutralize all SheppyD units in ziss sector”. [Well, it’s slightly more plausible than telepathy – give me that much!].

“Apart from the 'tax office issue'”, my suggestion is that if you are genuinely unable to deliver an adequate service using Royal Mail, perhaps you could recommend all your clients send their ’million receipts’ to you by courier? Seemingly, the only other option is for you to continue missing deadlines and resorting to the classic “it’s not my fault, it’s stuck in the post” routine. But I suspect that age-old line will wear thin, sending your clients’ eyes rolling and sending their business to a competitor that is better able to meet deadlines… apparently the result of fluke postal geography.

Rick said...

Anon of 15th, for the record, you may have missed this news item: “Amazon has ended its contract with Royal Mail to deliver parcels weighing more than 500 grams.” ‘Check:’
I’m pretty certain a package containing a letterbox draught excluder will weigh more than 500 grams (which, for the record, is about 18 oz, if you’re weighing something on this side of the Channel).

Anon of 16th Sorry to hear your service has dropped off the boil recently. 3 weeks for standard parcels is very excessive – the most recent one I received took about a week to reach me. I’d definitely ask. Full marks to your neighbour – now there’s a chap with some get up and go! If he runs a small business, I bet it’s a dead efficient one!

barbyk said...

I too work from home and had issues with lack of post in the past. I had a word with the sorting office who admitted that there was an issue with home business. They do not get the same priorities as business premises, but possibly post is more important than ordinary residential post. They did help me as much as they could, my house was in the second load of deliveries per day, but they popped mine in before starting the second lot (out of numerical order) . This does however seemed to have stopped again now. We have had a change of postie and instead of our mail arriving around 3pm we get it before lunch . Major improvement!!

Anonymous said...

Rick are you a closet postman? You seem to be getting very wound up over what are mainly reasonable comments about expectations as regards the receipt of post. Of course it is not the actual postman but the powers that be but it is still annoying having to wait so long to receive mail especially when it is sent first class. Maybe fewer bureaucrats and more postmen would be the answer or alternatively let the decision makers do a post round for a week and take some of the flak they are causing!

axlrocky said...

must say I have never experienced anything but a good service from WP mail service - I lived in an impossibly complicated address in the Hamptons and always received a good service and then in my current road just off the Avenue all seems well and parcels are always waiting at the office for me to collect in my absence - usually fairly promptly. I think you may all be expecting a little too much from a service that still amazes me that it gets anything to us at all with our general traffic/transport and business red tape headaches, let alone within one business day. Well done RM, enjoy it while it lasts people - it wont be here forever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Axlrocky,

I expect first class post to arrive within a few days, not a few weeks. It's clear from this blog that there are some parts of WP that aren't receiving a great service. This is probably because either a) some of the staff aren't doing their jobs properly, or b) there aren't enough staff to cover the area properly, especially at this time of year when holidays and illness are more prevalent.

I think b) is more likely.

You must remember that 1 person receiving great service is not an indicator of anything (similarly, the bad service I am receiving is not indicative of WP's post as a whole I presume).

We have had brilliant service in the past, so perhaps some of the other commentators here are correct - maybe it is time to elevate these complaints to Ms. Greene's level.

The worst part of delayed or missing post is when you know there are 5 or 6 items you have been notified about dispatch and have not yet received... meaning you also then begin to think about what else hasn't turned up.

Confidence in the Royal Mail is essential.

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