Sunday, 12 September 2010

Name & Shame

I do like the way that Waitrose have now thought of names for all their staff and given them all badges to go with their new uniforms

They've got rid of the salad bar, though. Shame on them. How do they expect us to cope with this much change?

Meanwhile I ventured out in Worcester Park last night (not often I do that on a Saturday night as i tend to be glued to whatever drivel is on TV) and the place was buzzing - nice to see that Avventura was packed and even Bellini had more than the customary two diners in there. 

Oh, and Weave recruitment (near More Than Lofts) appears to have closed down. I wonder where recruitment agency staff go to find jobs these days?

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Waitrose Partner said...

At the risk of starting another Waitrose-themed debate, I'd like to explain that the reason for the salad bar not being replaced is that it cost us more money than it actually made!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that the Partner's name badges and new uniforms cost Waitrose more than they will make too!

Please do not take this comment seriously!

Mick said...

Good slogan, Waitrose costs you more money than you actually make !!

Name Badges said...

like it Mick very funny comment, waitrose so expensive anyway.

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