Monday, 13 September 2010

Motspur Point?

"There’s so much more to Motspur Park than some old gasometers and a railway station...", proclaims the website (alongside a picture of some old gasometers and a railway station).

Actually, it turns out there is - and you can read about at least some of the other dimensions of our neighbouring little town on the local website  which I have just stumbled upon.

I'm told that only one person in Motspur Park actually has access to the Internet, as the townsfolk are still distrustful of the devils work - which is a shame as this cracking little website is full of great local information and features.

Check it out - if you like what you see, I might organise some kind of expedition to Motspur Park.

We might even be able to open trade links (we can go armed with lace and ribbons from Broadway Bargains and perhaps some inkjet refill kits from Mr Ink).

Is anyone willing to join me?