Thursday, 30 September 2010

Break In News

I had an e-mail today from a concerned blog reader telling me that there has been a significant number of burglaries in the Old Malden area in the last few weeks (at least four reported recently). 

Apparently one happened yesterday on Church Road in the early afternoon, with two of the others on The Manor Drive.

This comes as Sutton Police have issued a warning that there has been a small increase in the number of night time burglaries in the area, particularly in Stonecot where people are gaining access to houses through open windows.

The Police are urging all local residents to ensure they shut and secure all accessible windows and pass this message on to friends and neighbours.

Keep'em peeled!!

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Anonymous said...

There has also been one on Highdown (after the Church Road break in on Wednesday) and an attempted one on Highdown few days ago.

Anonymous said...

This is not good news for WP. A neighbour of mine had a robbery just off Green Lane a few months back. This week a family friend had there car stolen on Washington Road.

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Where are the police ??? I have not seen one CSO around the backroads or alleyways here for MONTHS AND MONTHS. The Old Bill has good information on local suspects and troublemakers, I know this from bitter experience, so why are these scum left to pillage. Right wing zero tolerance is what we need, ready for the looming recession crime wave. Anybody with me ???

susiecutie said...

I'm with you, my Lord. Unfortunately, our police are too busy bothering motorists to catch any criminals, I believe.

Alex said...

Susiecutie, two interestingly conflicting comments: It seems you're passionate about the public uniting to support the Royal Mail’s service, but at exactly the same time (well, 22 minutes later), when it comes to the local Police Service, facing drastic cuts, you sarcastically offer nothing but bitchy criticism.

I’m neither a serving, nor former copper or postie. I don’t need to be to spot such glaringly obvious hypocrisy. I suspect that the reason for your schizophrenic opinions on public services and your real concern isn’t for posties, but your (ex-postie) old man's Royal Mail pension!

I’d like to think all those delivering and receiving public services value all public services…and not just the one where they or their old man appear on the payroll.

susiecutie said...

Alex, thank you for your close attention to my posts. I shall strive to ensure my posts remain random.

Just because a service is public does not automatically make it valued. When the police begin to provide a service I'm sure I shall begin to value it.

My husband's pension is not my concern. Being an independent kind of gal, I have my own arrangements in place. And I can always keep him in the manner to which he has become accustomed!

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