Thursday, 30 September 2010

Break In News

I had an e-mail today from a concerned blog reader telling me that there has been a significant number of burglaries in the Old Malden area in the last few weeks (at least four reported recently). 

Apparently one happened yesterday on Church Road in the early afternoon, with two of the others on The Manor Drive.

This comes as Sutton Police have issued a warning that there has been a small increase in the number of night time burglaries in the area, particularly in Stonecot where people are gaining access to houses through open windows.

The Police are urging all local residents to ensure they shut and secure all accessible windows and pass this message on to friends and neighbours.

Keep'em peeled!!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Traffic Chaos?

Traffic chaos today in and around Worcester Park - any ideas what's going on?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Post Haste

Blog reader 'JayDub' wonders if "anybody has any ideas why Royal Mail are only delivering every other day to Sandringham Road?"

There is a rumour, but the Postman I spoke to would say no more than that!!!!!"

Are you suffering from post problems in your road? Do tell.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Shop Windows

More good news on the retail front - a lease has been signed on the former 'Mann Countrywide' estate agents premises (next to Acacia Hair & Beauty) which is to be converted into a computer repair centre - competition for Megabytes, but one fewer empty shop unit which has to be a good thing.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tree Mend Us Disruption

Kingston Council has identified what is describes as 'potentially dangerous trees' near Malden Green in Worcester Park.

Unfortunately I don't have any details on how they identified that they were potentially dangerous - no doubt some kind of complex psychological profiling was deployed. Or perhaps intelligence was gathered by Special Branch (fnarr fnarr fnarr..).

Urgent work is scheduled to start this Thursday (23rd September) to remove/defuse/or otherwise calm down these dangerous trees.

The worst part is that as the works will involve use of a crane, temporary traffic lights will be regulating the traffic on the Malden Road from Thursday for the duration of the works (which are expected to last up to five days).

Traffic chaos, anyone?

Friday, 17 September 2010

Squat's Occurring

A group describing themselves as 'concerned citizens' and  'community food growers' has today moved onto the the old BBC Sports ground land near Motspur Park.

The squatters intend to start a community green space, using the land to grow food for the local community as well as organising workshops and events and providing examples of sustainable living.

This group behind the project claim that the land is being opened for the local community to  access and benefit from and are holding a  'community meeting' on the site this Sunday (19th September) at 4 p.m. to allow people to make suggestions for the development of the project as well raise any concerns.

The project's founders were previously involved in setting up an eco village project at Kew Bridge. The project lasted a year and, organisers claim, became a 'hub for the local community, hosting art and gardening workshops, seed swaps and acoustic music'.

Image © Nigel Cox licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Vin Bin Thank You Man

A warm welcome to Worcester Park's newest shop 'Vin Bin', the off licence which has opened in the former Barn Glass premises (opposite the North End Tavern).

I am curious, though, as to how we are to pronounce it.

Presumably it's pronounced 'Van Bin', not 'Vinn Binn'. Or are boh words supposed to rhyme  ('Van Ban')?


Monday, 13 September 2010

Motspur Point?

"There’s so much more to Motspur Park than some old gasometers and a railway station...", proclaims the website (alongside a picture of some old gasometers and a railway station).

Actually, it turns out there is - and you can read about at least some of the other dimensions of our neighbouring little town on the local website  which I have just stumbled upon.

I'm told that only one person in Motspur Park actually has access to the Internet, as the townsfolk are still distrustful of the devils work - which is a shame as this cracking little website is full of great local information and features.

Check it out - if you like what you see, I might organise some kind of expedition to Motspur Park.

We might even be able to open trade links (we can go armed with lace and ribbons from Broadway Bargains and perhaps some inkjet refill kits from Mr Ink).

Is anyone willing to join me?

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Name & Shame

I do like the way that Waitrose have now thought of names for all their staff and given them all badges to go with their new uniforms

They've got rid of the salad bar, though. Shame on them. How do they expect us to cope with this much change?

Meanwhile I ventured out in Worcester Park last night (not often I do that on a Saturday night as i tend to be glued to whatever drivel is on TV) and the place was buzzing - nice to see that Avventura was packed and even Bellini had more than the customary two diners in there. 

Oh, and Weave recruitment (near More Than Lofts) appears to have closed down. I wonder where recruitment agency staff go to find jobs these days?

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Dental Case

If there were to be a competition to judge Worcester Park's best vacant shop unit (I think I might organise one just so I can call it 'Shop Idle') I would be hard pressed to choose between the old TV Clinic and the empty Drury & Cole shop.

I suppose Drury & Cole might just have the edge with its shop that time forgot' look complete with period telephone and armchair (which seems very subtly to move itself around the shop floor).

The TV Clinic would be a close second though, saddening us for years with its parade of unclaimed and abandoned TV's and videos languishing mournfully on its shelves.

The empty clinic, however, is set to be empty no more with plans submitted to transform the unit into a dental surgery, with two surgery rooms.

The application has been submitted by Dr Arrif Lalani, the man behind 'Smile Dental Implants' in Church Hill road Cheam (it's not clear whether the clinic is relocating or opening a second branch).

So the Worcester Park's second best unit will shortly be vacant no more. That's surely a reason so smile?