Thursday, 12 August 2010


Did anyone else in Worcester Park spot the strange light in the sky that has perplexed blog reader Andrew B?

"At 10pm tonight my wife and I were looking to the northeast for a few early Perseid meteors when abruptly from our left (northwest) a glowing ball of orange surrounded by what appeared to be a haze came into view and continued absolutely silently on a straight course, with occasional very slight deviations, to the southeast.

It was at approximately cloud height and was much larger than a star.

I am used to watching the skies for meteors, constellations, iridium flares, planets, International Space Station - you name it.  I know exactly what all of these things look like, but this was like NOTHING we had seen before.

It continued to the southeast and then disappeared after seeming to hover for a short while.  This was the strangest celestial occurence we have ever seen and was certainly nothing to do with tonight's Perseid meteors.

I am hoping some other residents will have witnessed the same sighting."

Was it a Chinese lantern, perhaps? Or is the truth out there over KT4?