Thursday, 12 August 2010


Did anyone else in Worcester Park spot the strange light in the sky that has perplexed blog reader Andrew B?

"At 10pm tonight my wife and I were looking to the northeast for a few early Perseid meteors when abruptly from our left (northwest) a glowing ball of orange surrounded by what appeared to be a haze came into view and continued absolutely silently on a straight course, with occasional very slight deviations, to the southeast.

It was at approximately cloud height and was much larger than a star.

I am used to watching the skies for meteors, constellations, iridium flares, planets, International Space Station - you name it.  I know exactly what all of these things look like, but this was like NOTHING we had seen before.

It continued to the southeast and then disappeared after seeming to hover for a short while.  This was the strangest celestial occurence we have ever seen and was certainly nothing to do with tonight's Perseid meteors.

I am hoping some other residents will have witnessed the same sighting."

Was it a Chinese lantern, perhaps? Or is the truth out there over KT4?

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Anonymous said...

I have been watching since 8pm. I allowed my children to stay up late to watch the sky tonight. Around 9.05pm i saw a shooting star, then 5 minutes later i saw a star or white mark shoot vertical, which i presumed as a meteors. We just come in 15 minutes ago, we so a few flashing white lines, sorry!!! we were hoping to see more.

Anonymous said...

born and bred in worcester park :-) now live in hastings, just seen many meteors in the sky's some leaving a tail of what appeared to be steam smoke etc. 2 in particular have been very orange with a haze around them and slow heading across the english channel down towards spain. im not the kind of person that usually watches this kind of stuff but it was really quite impressive.

Kendo said...

I was out in the garden from I think 9:20pm, and yes I saw exactly what Andrew B described at around 10ish. My wife had gone inside because she was getting cold and I saw a glowing orange ball coming from the north west. I wasn't too sure but when I first saw it it seemed to be moving up, then it moved across the sky fairly slowly and silently (about the speed of a helicopter) in a southeasterly direction.

I shouted to my wife who came out and said "calm down it's just a chinese lantern".

I did chuckle at Andrew's description though: "it was at approximately cloud height and was much larger than a star". If that were the case good ol' planet earth would gave been swallowed up last night in an instant... ;-)

Expert Astronomer said...

I often see an orange ball in the sky. It rises in the east at precisely sunrise and disappears in the west at precisely sunset. Have any other local, expert observers noticed it?

By the way, Chinese lanterns cost £7.99 for 4 from

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