Friday, 27 August 2010

Starter For Ten

Blog reader 'Who?' has posed ten Worcester Park questions which you may (or may not) be able to help with:

1.Why have I never seen anyone killed at the junction of the High Street with Stone Place car park?

2. Why have I not yet been killed by the boy racer I am always convinced will finish me off when I'm just round the corner out of sight in the traffic queue at the bottom of the Avenue?

3. Does the lady behind the counter on the right in the High Street post office ever have a day off?

4.What is the powerful force pulling me towards the doughnuts in the bakers window when I've only gone to get a birthday card from Fowler's?

5. What are all the electronic geniuses in the TV clinic doing now?

6.Who on earth though Marks and Sparks could make a go of it at THAT location?

7. What on earth did they do to the Plough Green pond?

8. What is the bacteria count under the railway bridge beside the railway station?

9.Should I offer to carry the front of the pram for the lady going down the stairs to the street from the Epsom-bound side of the station or will she think I'm a chauvinist pig or a stalker?
(Too late someone else has done it and I feel a fool again...)

10.How could I live here for 30 years without discovering the wild meadows behind the Old Malden Church?