Thursday, 19 August 2010

Rock the CAZBAR!

Sadly it's the final few days for CAZBAR in Worcester Park, which will be closing its doors for good on Sunday.

If you want to pop along and help give Carey and his team a good send off then there are events planned every day until Sunday:

Today (Thursday): CAZBAR Karaoke -The Final Sing Song (from 20:00)
Friday: Happy Fridays - Rock CAZBAR One Last  Time (from 20:00)
Saturday: CABZAR Celebration Party (from, you guessed it, 20:00)
Sunday: CAZBAR The Last Supper  (Noon to 23:30) - you bring your own food, they BBQ it for you!

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Anonymous said...

Any idea what's happening to it - looks like an ideal spot for a Charity Shop, Takeaway or Hairdresser - we could do with another one.

Roger said...

Best news for WP, So full of chavy women and thugs, one less dump that lowered the tone of the area.

Anonymous said...

That is a shame. Hope it is replaced by a decent pub/bar/restaurant. The High Street could do with a bit of a boost on that front.

Jacey said...

Okay, I'm on my soapbox now.
Roger - you need to lighten up a bit here or go to an optician or maybe move to Sutton, Morden or Epsom perhaps. WP is NOT full of chavy women or thugs come to that, I've lived here 17 years now and its an okay place. For goodness sake people stop running it down. Okay there are charity shops and too many hairdressers but if you go somewhere else you'll see all the Pound shops and kebab shops.
Yes, I'm female, No I'm not a chav (though I live next door to one), I'm just a middle-aged person who has lived in Leatherhead, Surbiton and Wimbledon during her 50 years.
What is wrong with people that they can't see its okay?

Anonymous said...

Looks like 169 Central Road may be occupied again soon with an application to the Council for "using the premises and its grounds as a bar and entertainment venue, themed for a more mature crowd rather than as a 'Sports Bar' as the previous tenant had catered to. Here's hoping we get much needed, decent new venue in WP soon!

Claire said...


I couldn't agree with you more. Anyone who thinks WP is a chavy dump must have lived a very sheltered life. OK, it's not Richmond but there are much much worse places to live. (I grew up in Dagenham and there's no comparison to WP believe me!)

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