Monday, 2 August 2010

Postcode Snobbery

As you may have read in the news over the weekend, Royal Mail is soon going to be dropping the name of counties from its postal address database, as only house numbers, street names and post codes are strictly required for delivery purposes.

Great news, I suppose, for those who want to disown their county tag (yes, people of Essex, I'm talking about you) but perhaps not such a welcome change for those of us in KT4 as it would mean that 'Worcester Park, Surrey' would officially be a thing of the past.

Call it snobbery, but I love having Surrey in my address. I love living in a London Borough whilst being able to laud the badge of rural respectability (the same sneaky thrill I imagine one gets from passing off a fake Rolex as the real McCoy).

Of course there's nothing to stop us unofficially continuing to use Surrey in our addresses. So to hell with these changes! I'm going to start my own postal revolution.

 Anyone care to join me? Let's man the barricades and defend our little corner of South West London that is forever Surrey.