Monday, 9 August 2010

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Some interesting trivia for you to impress your friends (or other peoples' friends) with - Worcester Park has a Jimi Hendrix connection.

From today's Guardian newspaper:

"We call this the Surrey blues Delta," says [Roger] Mayer, with a wave of his arms across the crazy-paving pathways of Worcester Park, near Surbiton. "Eric over here, Keith down the road, the Stones from there." 

Mayer was an acoustician and sonic wave engineer for the Admiralty, a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence, but also an inventor of various electronic musical devices, including an improved wah-wah pedal and the "Octavia" guitar effect with its unique "doubling" effect. "I'd shown it to Jimmy Page, but he thought it was too far out. Jimi said, the moment we met, 'Yeah, I'd like to try that stuff.'"

I shall add that to Worcester Park's 'claims to fame' list, alongside John Major, Daley Thomson and H G Wells. Meanwhile, you can check out Roger Mayer's website here.

(Thanks to blog reader Janet for alerting me to the article).