Thursday, 12 August 2010

Has Cuppaholic Gone Cold Turkey?

Has Cuppaholic closed for good? The shutters have been down for quite a few weeks.

I have fond memories of the (semi-decent) fully English breakfasts I once enjoyed there with Mr WP (how sad that they got to know our order and preference of white or brown bread off by heart).

It went downhill of late and I gave up after a frankly abysmal breakfast and dire coffee there last year.

Sir Alan's search for a decent breakfast in Worcester Park continues...

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shirley-anne said...

Sutton Common Road, next to Glenthorne High School. Great breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!! and Tina will look after you like a mother !!!! xx

Nichu said...

I once had a poor cup of tea there and a stale croissant. I found the stench of aged oil somewhat offputting. I think there could be a market for coffee and breakfasts for people waiting for the train, if the service was quick enough.

Poppie said...

if you want a decent coffee around the station, try the kiosk in the station, where newspapers are sold. The coffee is excellent, and a reasonable price, £1.10 for espresso.

teejay said...

hi does anyone know who owns the place ,i mean who is the landlord???

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