Friday, 6 August 2010

Chaos, What Chaos..?

Was anyone caught up in the apparent traffic chaos in Worcester Park today as reported by the Surrey Kermit?

Mrs WP was out and about today and reported all was calm. Do I need to send her to SpecSavers?

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Chris said...

Where in Worcester Park was that picture taken? As far as I am aware we are not on the 57 bus route nor do we have two lane traffic. Or is this a part of Worcester Park that I haven't discovered yet?

nikko said...

What chaos indeed? No need to send Mrs WP to SpecSavers Mr WP. I was on my way to WP station at 11.05 - just before the report is timed - and there was no sign of any problem whatsoever. Oh, and a quick glance at the SV's report raises the following questions: which part of Worcester Park does the 57 bus run through, where in Worcester Park is 2 - or is it 3? - laned, and which road in Worcester Park is one way? A slightly longer glance suggests that the road pictured is too flat to be Central Road, and the little railings with nice grass verges don't exist in Worcester Park. Apart from these minor points, I've no doubt that the report is spot on.

James said...

Just commented on the Local Guardian site, i was up at 11am and didnt see anything; traffic was going through Worcester Park fine, so no idea.

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the photo, as I was on the 57 bus pictured. And I can confirm that it was in Worcester Park High Street. It was actually travelling towards the Surrey Comet's offices, from the intergalactic space station on Saturn 5.

What with the invasion of the mutant yoghurt pots, jobs are pretty few and far between at home, so I was attending an interview at their newspaper offices, as a journalist.

Unfortunately, the Surrey Comet thought I lacked the naturally creative mind, so necessary in the role I applied for. So for me, it's back to my old job, as Crown Princess Sputnik, saviour of the Walnut Alliance.

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