Friday, 27 August 2010

Starter For Ten

Blog reader 'Who?' has posed ten Worcester Park questions which you may (or may not) be able to help with:

1.Why have I never seen anyone killed at the junction of the High Street with Stone Place car park?

2. Why have I not yet been killed by the boy racer I am always convinced will finish me off when I'm just round the corner out of sight in the traffic queue at the bottom of the Avenue?

3. Does the lady behind the counter on the right in the High Street post office ever have a day off?

4.What is the powerful force pulling me towards the doughnuts in the bakers window when I've only gone to get a birthday card from Fowler's?

5. What are all the electronic geniuses in the TV clinic doing now?

6.Who on earth though Marks and Sparks could make a go of it at THAT location?

7. What on earth did they do to the Plough Green pond?

8. What is the bacteria count under the railway bridge beside the railway station?

9.Should I offer to carry the front of the pram for the lady going down the stairs to the street from the Epsom-bound side of the station or will she think I'm a chauvinist pig or a stalker?
(Too late someone else has done it and I feel a fool again...)

10.How could I live here for 30 years without discovering the wild meadows behind the Old Malden Church? 

Monday, 23 August 2010

Friday, 20 August 2010

I Can't Think Of Any Surgery Puns...

...but if you have a local issue or concern you  would like to raise, then Councillor Stephen Fenwick (Lib Dem, Worcester Park Ward), will be holding his monthly ward surgery at Worcester Park Library tomorrow (Saturday 21st August) from 11am to Noon.

Pastor Away

In case you've missed it in the local and now national media, Pastor Robert Dando from Worcester Park Baptist Church (centre) is in a spot of bother, facing child sex charges in the US.

A spokeswoman for the Baptist Union of Great Britain has confirmed that Dando (who lives on The Hamptons development in Worcester Park) was being held at the Fairfax Detention Centre in Fairfax County.

"He has tendered his resignation from Worcester Park Baptist Church with immediate effect. The church and his family would welcome some space at this difficult time," she said.

That's more comment than you'll get from the Church's website, which is suddenly unavailable.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Rock the CAZBAR!

Sadly it's the final few days for CAZBAR in Worcester Park, which will be closing its doors for good on Sunday.

If you want to pop along and help give Carey and his team a good send off then there are events planned every day until Sunday:

Today (Thursday): CAZBAR Karaoke -The Final Sing Song (from 20:00)
Friday: Happy Fridays - Rock CAZBAR One Last  Time (from 20:00)
Saturday: CABZAR Celebration Party (from, you guessed it, 20:00)
Sunday: CAZBAR The Last Supper  (Noon to 23:30) - you bring your own food, they BBQ it for you!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Cheam And Cheerful

What is it with The Guardian (the big left wing national one, not the Sutton/Kington derivative) and Worcester Park this week?

First there was the Jimi Hendrix link to Worcester Park (near Surbiton, apparently) then there was this piece on The Guardian website on Friday about our erstwhile neighbouring town of Cheam - an article made all the better, of course, because of the reference to a certain blogger in Worcester Park....

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Did anyone else in Worcester Park spot the strange light in the sky that has perplexed blog reader Andrew B?

"At 10pm tonight my wife and I were looking to the northeast for a few early Perseid meteors when abruptly from our left (northwest) a glowing ball of orange surrounded by what appeared to be a haze came into view and continued absolutely silently on a straight course, with occasional very slight deviations, to the southeast.

It was at approximately cloud height and was much larger than a star.

I am used to watching the skies for meteors, constellations, iridium flares, planets, International Space Station - you name it.  I know exactly what all of these things look like, but this was like NOTHING we had seen before.

It continued to the southeast and then disappeared after seeming to hover for a short while.  This was the strangest celestial occurence we have ever seen and was certainly nothing to do with tonight's Perseid meteors.

I am hoping some other residents will have witnessed the same sighting."

Was it a Chinese lantern, perhaps? Or is the truth out there over KT4?

Has Cuppaholic Gone Cold Turkey?

Has Cuppaholic closed for good? The shutters have been down for quite a few weeks.

I have fond memories of the (semi-decent) fully English breakfasts I once enjoyed there with Mr WP (how sad that they got to know our order and preference of white or brown bread off by heart).

It went downhill of late and I gave up after a frankly abysmal breakfast and dire coffee there last year.

Sir Alan's search for a decent breakfast in Worcester Park continues...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Accident - North Cheam

Nasty van versus motorbike accident just now at the Queen Victoria crossroads in North Cheam (London Road, junction - expect delays in and around the area.

Monday, 9 August 2010

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Some interesting trivia for you to impress your friends (or other peoples' friends) with - Worcester Park has a Jimi Hendrix connection.

From today's Guardian newspaper:

"We call this the Surrey blues Delta," says [Roger] Mayer, with a wave of his arms across the crazy-paving pathways of Worcester Park, near Surbiton. "Eric over here, Keith down the road, the Stones from there." 

Mayer was an acoustician and sonic wave engineer for the Admiralty, a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence, but also an inventor of various electronic musical devices, including an improved wah-wah pedal and the "Octavia" guitar effect with its unique "doubling" effect. "I'd shown it to Jimmy Page, but he thought it was too far out. Jimi said, the moment we met, 'Yeah, I'd like to try that stuff.'"

I shall add that to Worcester Park's 'claims to fame' list, alongside John Major, Daley Thomson and H G Wells. Meanwhile, you can check out Roger Mayer's website here.

(Thanks to blog reader Janet for alerting me to the article).

Friday, 6 August 2010

Chaos, What Chaos..?

Was anyone caught up in the apparent traffic chaos in Worcester Park today as reported by the Surrey Kermit?

Mrs WP was out and about today and reported all was calm. Do I need to send her to SpecSavers?

Toy Story

As you may recall from this blog, there was an 'unspecified kerfuffle' around The Hamptons last month, with the police helicopter circling overhead, roads closed, armed response units, police dogs, riot shields and the whole shebang.

My ever dependable blog sources have managed to find out what all the fuss was about - apparently somebody called the police saying there were 'hand grenades' in the house, but they turned out just to be toys.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Postcode Snobbery

As you may have read in the news over the weekend, Royal Mail is soon going to be dropping the name of counties from its postal address database, as only house numbers, street names and post codes are strictly required for delivery purposes.

Great news, I suppose, for those who want to disown their county tag (yes, people of Essex, I'm talking about you) but perhaps not such a welcome change for those of us in KT4 as it would mean that 'Worcester Park, Surrey' would officially be a thing of the past.

Call it snobbery, but I love having Surrey in my address. I love living in a London Borough whilst being able to laud the badge of rural respectability (the same sneaky thrill I imagine one gets from passing off a fake Rolex as the real McCoy).

Of course there's nothing to stop us unofficially continuing to use Surrey in our addresses. So to hell with these changes! I'm going to start my own postal revolution.

 Anyone care to join me? Let's man the barricades and defend our little corner of South West London that is forever Surrey.