Thursday, 15 July 2010

Take (a long way) Away

Seeing as virtually everything that plops onto my doormat is junk mail, I'm considering boarding up my letterbox and installing a new one directly in the side of my green recycling wheelie bin. It would make life an awful lot easier. 

Takeaways are one of the prime culprits when it comes to the deluge of junk leaflets - and for some reason they seem to be flooding in from increasingly far afield. 

One such leaflet arrived today from an Indian restaurant in London Road, Kingston (near Kingston Grammar School) - many miles away from Worcester Park.

With so many good takeaways on our doorstep, does anyone actually order from such far flung places? Confess all....

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TakeMeAway said...

We get an average of 3 takeaway leaflets a day through our door. I keep the ones based in Worcester Park/North Cheam only and recycle the rest in the green bin. That said we don't get a takeaway delivery much and probably only use the same three pizza/indian/chinese ones.

On a related note, someone delivering Empress of India (Morden, 3 miles away) leaflet managed to break off our letterbox. I complained to the restaurant over a number of days but was given the runaround saying the manager wasn't in, that he was on holiday, or that no one could help.

In Sydney Australia, instead of mountains of takeaway leaflets being delivered they have one 'catalogue' which has all the restaurants menus in it. I think also you ring one central number and it gets passed on directly to your restaurant of choice.

Carl said...

I dont even know why in the age of t'internet we even need menus posted through doors.

If I had a local takeaway, I'd scan my menu, and send it to a web site that served the local community. maybe something like a local blog, or errr....oh...hold on. :)

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