Monday, 26 July 2010

Street Seen

Back in February, the good folk of (a small part of) Worcester Park were asked for their ideas for a £375,000 project to make improvements to Green Lane, surrounding streets and the area around Worcester Park station.

Among the improvements asked for were better street lighting, better quality pavements, improved accessibility, lower traffic speeds, more street trees, better facilities for cyclists and the removal of street clutter, such as bollards and guardrails.

The results of the survey and a range of proposals were shown at the end of March in public exhibitions at Green Lane Primary School.

The feedback received at the exhibitions is now helping Sutton Council to create a detailed design for the scheme. When the design is complete, the public will be invited to view and discuss it at further exhibitions which are planned for September.

Kingston has implemented their street improvement works as part of the first phase of the funding. Work in the Sutton section is scheduled to start in November, with the aim of completing the project by the end of March next year.