Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sticking Point

Whatever happened to those ubiquitous 'Bill Stickers Will Be Prosecuted' notices? I can only assume that Bill has either now been prosecuted or has heeded the warning and gone to ground. 

Blog reader Dave, however, is still vexed about fly posting around Worcester Park:

"The worst offenders locally are the morons who offer a car-scrappage "service", but are too tight-fisted to advertise in the normal way and the local scout troop who are forever plastering the lamposts the length of Central Road advertising their jumble sales, and fail to remove them after the event. 

Whoever leads that troop is setting a very bad example.
Now, if everyone, as some of us already do, removed each and every piece of fly-posting as soon as it appeared the problem would largely be solved."

Or bloggers who forget to remove their 'Christmas Late Night' posters until the middle of January. Not that that would ever happen.