Monday, 19 July 2010

Royal Fail

Brinkley Road resident Jack has e-mailed me with worrying news of missing post in his part of Worcester Park. Since the beginning of April Jack has had eight letters/packages go missing including two birthday cards, a birthday present, three eBay items (from different sellers), a cheque and a rental DVD.

Jack tells me:

"I’ve spoken to the manager of the Worcester Park sorting office (Steve) on a few occasions (firstly when we reported the first four items going missing) but so far I’ve had very little in the way of explanation.

It’s very worrying that we’ve had so many items go missing, especially as these are the items that we know about! Bank statements etc may have also been lost/stolen.

Jack is also keen to hear from any other Worcester Park residents who have had items of post go missing, or whose post has been arriving late (which has also been the case with some of his items).  E-mail him  on with details of the missing/late post (approximate date of when the mail was sent/ what the letters or packages contained.

To make a complaint about missing or late post contact Steve (the manager) at the WP sorting office on 020 8337 3463 (between the hours of 7am-Midday).

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Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

I am currently in touch with the Green Lane sorting office and Royal Mail complaints. Around the last weekend in June I was expecting and did not receive: 3 birthday cards (from Sittingbourne, Kingston and Sutton), an ebay parcel (from Cumbria) and a crucial pension letter (from Darlington).
Clearly mail is going missing locally and it seems likely that either there is a bent postman out there, or some carbuncle on the backside of humanity is stealing post from Royal Mail's bicycles.
My visit to the sorting office resulted in a word with a Duty Manager (not "Steve") who assured me that "we've had no other complaints", which I thought unlikely.
Have the Old Bill been made aware of this. The perpetrating scum are not only stealing our goods but also finding out a lot about us !

Anonymous said...

as a postman who used to deliver to lord cynic, and yes i do know who you are!! and brinkley road, the question you need to ask the manager at the worcester park office is why you have not got a regular postman doing your round, other roads that are part of this round are calbeck and st phillips, your find that in the near future one other round will be going down the same track, its part of a royal mail cuts at this office
worcester park was rated last year as one of the best places for service in the whole of the country, all postman in there are up in arms at the cuts being inforced upon them as they take pride in the service they give,
i do hope in a strange way that people in the roads that i have said above complain more and in turn this will be flagged up the people who make the the postmen and inturn help yourself

Anonymous said...

I know i've had a couple of items lost too, this is very worrying!!! What is going on!!

postman pat said...

don't worry nothing will be lost in a few months time when there is so many cuts at the office you will have to go and collect the mail yourselves the deliveries will be a thing of the past!!!!!!

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Thanks old anonymous postie. I think I know who you are too. I will complain officially about the cuts situation..............if it helps. Join in everyone !
How can you possibly know who I, the self-styled Lord Cynic, am ??? I always wear a mask and a false moustache - even around the house.
My best wishes to all hard-working postmen.

Only Me said...

I live in Stoneleigh Avenue and we have the most amazing postman - always gets the post out on time and always with a smile. We know exactly when he's not working as those parcel notices come through saying "pick it up yourself" - If Funsho goes Stoneleigh Avenue will be a gloomier place in the morning.

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

As promised I have delivered my letter of complaint for the manager's attention at Green Lane Sorting Office. In it I stressed the need for continuity of delivery personnel for our roads and suggested recent cuts may be causing problems with some deliveries and other difficulties.
I hope other concerned residents will do the same or risk deterioration of the usually fine service.

Anonymous said...

I empathise with Lord Cynic.

I'm a resident of Brinkley Road and have recently seen the postal service almost completely dry up. It seems post only gets to us about once a week if we're lucky, and a number of my DVD rentals have gone missing. Its what I don't know thats gone missing which worries me.

I shall be complaining to Royal Mail in due course.

Anonymous said...

I also live in Brinkley Road, and have not received some urgent post. I will be chasing this up with the Worcester Park Sorting Office.

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Would EVERYONE who has recently had cause to be dissatisfied with their postal service PLEASE get a complaint in to the manager at the Green Lane sorting office as quickly as possible. These losses shouldn't remain unreported.

The Joker said...

SO.......a year on & all seems to have gotten better with the post in W.P., or so it seems as there have been no more complaints on here. I thought i would try & find out what has gone on. It seems the last manager [Steve] has been moved on and his replacement is a man called Lionel,a very aproachable & charming man. He seems to have his fingers on the pulse & together with his posties it seems like the have sorted out the staffing problems. I spoke to a couple of them & they told me nothing has really changed they are still short staffed, but some of them are working their rest weeks & posties from other offices are coming in [on overtime] to help out. So it appears that all our complaining has reached somebody higher up & they have listened.......BUT i fear this is only a tempory matter as it is costing Royal Fail [i love that title]an arm & a leg so things WILL change.......SOON i fear.

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