Monday, 19 July 2010

Royal Fail

Brinkley Road resident Jack has e-mailed me with worrying news of missing post in his part of Worcester Park. Since the beginning of April Jack has had eight letters/packages go missing including two birthday cards, a birthday present, three eBay items (from different sellers), a cheque and a rental DVD.

Jack tells me:

"I’ve spoken to the manager of the Worcester Park sorting office (Steve) on a few occasions (firstly when we reported the first four items going missing) but so far I’ve had very little in the way of explanation.

It’s very worrying that we’ve had so many items go missing, especially as these are the items that we know about! Bank statements etc may have also been lost/stolen.

Jack is also keen to hear from any other Worcester Park residents who have had items of post go missing, or whose post has been arriving late (which has also been the case with some of his items).  E-mail him  on with details of the missing/late post (approximate date of when the mail was sent/ what the letters or packages contained.

To make a complaint about missing or late post contact Steve (the manager) at the WP sorting office on 020 8337 3463 (between the hours of 7am-Midday).