Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Caldbeck Avenue resident Nick has sent me this photo of a warning sign he spotted near our beloved branch of KFC. He writes:

"Caldbeck Avenue and the surrounding area are constantly blighted by littering from the KFC on the High Street. This leads to all sorts of problems – most notably an infestation of foxes who live off the debris at night. However it appears that motorists who may be tempted to throw their rubbish onto the street are now being tracked using CCTV."

Or are they? Just who is behind this sign?

Well, for starters its clearly just printed on A4 paper and laminated. There is no (legally required) mention of who is operating the 'CCTV' which apparently uses 'license plate' recognition (note that American spelling) or who is enforcing the '£100 fine'.

Of course there would be no need for 'license plate recognition' technology as it would need human intervention to watch the footage and detect whoever was dropping litter out of their cars.

The image of the CCTV camera that is used in the poster is one of the first to appear in a Google images search for 'CCTV sign', the 'for official use' wording is quite obviously a superfluous attempt to lend the sign an air of officialdom and a web search reveals no mention of the 'Movement For Cleaner Environment' who apparently issued this notice.

Is this a poorly-produced official poster, or a the work of a well-meaning local resident exasperated at the menace of litter from KFC users.

Either way, I applaud their aims. 

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Anonymous said...

These signs were actually put up by the Council please check the facts! What is happening with the smoking issue outside the Midas Touch or if you smoke I presume it's acceptable behaviour then ;)

Worcester Park said...

I'll check the facts if you tell me where they are so I can go and check them! How do you know they were put up by the Council, then?

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the above comment by anonymous. The sign may not look genuine, but this scheme was mentioned on LBC 97.3 a couple of weeks ago. Apparently people get fines in the post if they are spotted throwing rubbish out of their cars in the same way as if they are caught speeding. Good for Sutton for doing something about the litter problem - hilarious that people are doubting this. Hopefully a £100 fine will will convince people its real if they throw out their rubbish!

Sarah M said...

Fantastic, finally I might be able to get home without having to wade through Kentucky remains!

Although they will need to put another camera facing down Caldbeck as everyone mainly chucks their stuff out the windows there and not on Central Road

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm..............Surveillance Fried Chicken.

Carl said...

I would imagine that anyone wishing to send you a £100 fine for littering would probably have to identify themselves on a sign such as this.

I call fake.

DoGooder. said...

Maybe they come from the same council dept. as this:

I however think it's a well meant attempt by a resident to deter litterbugs. I must admit I have done similar things in the past. When a council failed to respond to my requests to stop a neighbour feeding foxes, I sent her all kinds of 'official' letters and leaflets.

miss giggles said...

Brilliant idea! Love it! But will it work?

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