Thursday, 8 July 2010

Happy Christmas Worcester Park!

It is that time of the year when the sun is out and summer holidays are looming - so you'll be forgiven if the Worcester Park Christmas Late Night 2011 isn't quite on your to-do list just yet.

However such events do require a lot of forward planning - last year, there were a lot of very good comments but also more than a few negative ones so this year organiser Terry Dobbs would like to throw it open to not only the traders but also to the wider Worcester Park community.

A lot of blog readers commented that the late night needed more of a community feel to it - so it's time for the local community to step up to the plate and come forward with suggestions for how they can get involved with this year's Christmas Late Night.

Perhaps your community group, charity or organisation would like to have a stall or provide some other kind of attraction or entertainment?

The evening is organised with very limited funds, so most things are volunteered or self-financing and they are not allowed to parade on floats etc. as TFL will not allow the road to be closed, but I'm sure with some imagination and local input we can make this year's event the best ever.

Terry Dobbs told the Worcester Park Blog "I really want this years to be a "community affair" chosen by all, attended by all, arranged by as many as is possible"

So it's over to you - if you'd like to get involved, contact Terry at One Stop Party Shop.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting comment you made there, Where I come from most villages put on a carnival, and build floats for the local children (and some grown ups) to travel around the village/town on. I have never seen that around here. Is it a case of not allowed or can't be bothered?

table magician surrey said...

sounds like a great idea - something I would like to get involved with - i will be in touch


Rick said...

Great idea, Mr. Dobbs!

It’s put up or shut up time for KT4’s small band of egocentric oxygen thieves! So let’s see an active contribution from those whose input was only idle disapproval. Perhaps they can put their heads together … as the target for the coconut shy?

Why anyone would be mean spirited enough to make the time and have the inclination to bad mouth this free event, that was so clearly enjoyed, by so many members of the community, remains a complete mystery. Is there a local psychologist with a good theory?

axlrocky said...

happy to volunteer, but like many blog readers im sure are thinking the same , what assistance is required - is it just ideas at this stage or do you actually want us to propose stalls etc??

terry dobbs said...


Thanks for your comments, at themoment, ideas are the main need, so that we can arrange.
Help requests will follow later.

Terry 0208 3376007

Terry dobbs said...

Hi again.
With reference to the contributor who said " can we be bothered to have parade", his comments about living in a village says just that. We are the only bus route between Kingston and Sutton, also to include emergency vehicles, We CANNOT close the road, it is not allowed, we do have the backing of the Council and even the Police but TFL will no allow. Again all ideas are welcome

Anonymous said...

In response to Mr Dobbs, I believe you may have misinterpreted my question and perhaps I may have phrased it better in that I simply wanted to know if the idea of a parade of floats was something that was not allowed rather than something people had no interest in. It appears I have my answer.

One final question, why would you need to close the roads? Whilst recognising that it slows traffic flow, I was unaware of any requirement to actually close the roads

CentralMan said...

Mr Dobbs: Malden Foright has a huge parade of floats opening it every year, and Malden High Street is a far busier bus route than Central Road.

The road doesn't close and the buses don't get stoppped, they simply drive slowly behind the parade.

Incidentaly, this is just what they did on Central Road during the Remembrance Sunday parade and the Daffodil Parade earlier in the year (going up to the church at the top of the hill).

So, sorry Mr Dobbs, but I don't quite understand your excuse about London Transport not allowing a parade when it is done very successfully locally including twice in recent months in Worcester Park!!

claire said...

Hi could you tell us what date you plan to hold the event so that community groups can organise their events calender

Nichu said...

I went to last year's event. I thought it was ok, but didn't come away feeling especially festive. I was expecting more local businesses to be open, perhaps offering special offers. Also having community groups with stalls would be nice. Instead there seemed to be a number of generic fair ground type stalls that weren't actually anything to do with Christmas. I don't think these were run by local people. I did buy some mulled wine and a mince pie from a local group's stall, which was nice. It'd be good if there was a focal point to the evening, like the switching on of the lights, or a round of carol singing.

Anonymous said...

I attended last year and was also surprised that not many businesses had stayed open. Surely a prime time for them to make some christmassy sales?

Axl Wifey said...

I agree, the hubby and I have been having a chat about this and I think we might be missing an opportunity. I grew up in Worcester Park and I remember the excitement of going to the Christmas opening night, it was an opportunity to get some presents, the shops were open late and it had a festive feel about it.
So if the some of the shops aren’t wiling to stay open late for the event, fine- they miss out. There were good rides for the children last year but they did take up a lot of room. I’m sure you have addressed this idea before but is there any way that Sutton council would close part of the waitrose car park for this event? That way we could put some of the rides in there and also advertise for craft stalls or local business to have a table- perhaps one of the hairdressers could offer a beauty hair and make up package for their own raffle, they could sell their products on their table, or local craft clubs could sell their knitted goods or metal work, or a Worcester Park raffle, store can donate prizes, people buy tickets and the funds raised go into a kitty for next year, we can start selling them in the stores from November to build up the hype.
If we can’t have the car park then perhaps outside the party shop instead of a ride (or as well as) we could have some stalls there, the charity shops always make a good effort, perhaps we could have some sort of fashion show in the run up to the event, maybe the churches want to get involved or the brownies and girls brigades could get involved they could make things, create signs or banners or help man stalls. I think there are lots of people that want to get involved in this, lets use our skills that we have from our everyday lives, we can make this as good as we can, this year we can make it better and next year excellent!
Come on WP lets get thinking and add our support to the good job that is already being done!

terry dobbs said...

Hi Thanks for some great comments and idaes, a lot so far to be getting on with. Couple of notes, We hold our evening on a Friday and am looking at Nov 26th or Dec 3rd at present, this means it is in the rush hour, not on a Sat or Sunday as the blogger said, so a road slow down is almost impossible, I will however re apply.
Re Waitrose, it is not the council that will not allow rides etc. on the car park but Waitrose, they are worried about " health & safety"
But of course we still talk to them about this.
Finally re school choirs etc. Last year ALL schools were too busy, one even pulled out with 3 days to go, so come on all PTA members, give us some help.
Thanks again, invaluable so far


Anonymous said...

surely the best way to go is to close stone place car park and have stalls and rides in there,as i would expect the majority of people attending the event live within a mile radius of central rd so walking to the event should be heavily promoted too!If schools arn't up for choirs try the many local guide,scouts,brownies and cub packs that should be contacted!

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