Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fiko Very Much Indeed

Blog reader "Mrs Longfella" has e-mailed me with some (much deserved) praise for a local shopkeeper:

"I had to travel southbound from Worcester Park station this afternoon and was faced by the impossible task of hauling a pram and six-month-old baby up the steps to the platform.

As I approached the foot of the steps, the chap from Hair By Fiko (presumably it was Mr Fiko himself?) came out of his shop to ask if I needed any help.

He ended up helping me carry the pram (with baby in it!) all the way up to the top of the flight of steps, and even had time for a quick chat.

What a true gentleman! I think I'm going to be switching hairdressers from now on.

If you read this blog, Mr Fiko, thank you again. You're a true star"

The cockles of my heart have been well and truly warmed - keep your stories of the kindness of Worcester Park strangers coming!