Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Big Lunch

The Big Lunch takes place this Saturday 17th July from Midday to 4pm at Mayflower Park (in The Hamptons).

The Big Lunch is part of Sutton Council’s 'Take Part, Take Pride' summer festival and residents from Worcester Park are invited to come along to the park with friends, family and neighbours. 

Bring a picnic lunch (no BBQ's, though) and enjoy live music and entertainment for children including a bouncy castle and some fairground rides.

It might be an idea to put the kids on the bouncy castle before they have lunch, though!

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Anonymous said...

What a disaster this was! About 20 people turned up to see a 1950's coconut shy and a 50 year old kids roundabout.

I put it down to zero advertising outside the Hamptons and awful organisation!

NS said...

It was absolutely rubbish. There was one ride (singular) and even that was crap. No bouncy castle. There was zero music in the 45 minutes I was there. Nothing in the way of refreshments or ice cream. Just....nothing. I'd call it a Big Failure.

Anonymous said...

We went along after seeing advertised in your blog, kids had a lovely time and so did we, very civilized , pleasent music and no troublemakers.
IT WAS FREE!!!! Was are you complaining about????

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