Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sunday Swap Shop

Hands up who remembers the heyday of sticker swapping?  

It was, I recall, of many pointless but harmless playground crazes of childhood (I was pretty good at Top Trumps and had quite a good collection of Garbage Pail Kids too).

Those of you wanting to re-kindle sticker swapping memories (or discover the joy of this hobby for the first time), head over to CAZBAR on Central Road this Sunday from Midday to 2pm to swap World Cup Panini sticker and fill your album faster.

Kids of all sizes are welcome!

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World Cup Collector said...

Apolagies for the distance not our little old worcester park... But if you can venture out to Kingston, every Sat the Entertainer Toy Store ( next to millets down where woolies was) has these swap shops and has for ages. i think (please dont quote me) at the moment they doing those stickers and theres some football XL cards between 12-1 and the match attax the ones my little ones love between 1-3
theres normaly lots of people there and the shop has their own collection....
God knows how much money it save me not spending try to get those ruddy 100 club cards!!

but def worth a look :)

Anonymous said...

you got two civil war card scenes one piece of bubble gum and some fake conferaterate money. Unbeatable value for one old penny!

CAZBAR said...

Thanks to all those that came down today, hugely successful and swaps a plenty! Next session hopefully in two this space!

Anthony (Tony) Enright said...

What a nice surprise, a Worcester Park Blog. Having been born and bred in Mayfair Avenue and gone to the Cheam Common Infants and Junior School in the 1950’s what a pleasure for me to follow the day to day comments and musings of residents of the place I have so many happy memories of. I made a visit last year and walked the streets I knew so well as a child and to be honest not much has changed. The Odeon & Woolworths have gone, the names over the shops have changed & Tommy Parkers Farm is now a small housing development but not much else. My wife and I had lunch in the Plough and walked up to Old Malden Church where my parents were married & I was later christened. What a nice place to live we both commented and vowed to return later this year when we have a few days Holiday in London. Thanks for the memories.
Anthony (Tony) Enright
Dublin 16

Worcester Park Spur said...

I remember the American Civil War cards - mid to late 1960s IIRC. Nicely gory too!

Pat Long said...

Any swapping happening for the years World Cup book

daddybeak said...

yes, anyone in WP doing the 2014 sticker album ?

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