Monday, 7 June 2010

Bad Experience

I finally made it to 'La Continental' for my English breakfast today.

Gone is the cheery warm interior and happy staff of 'Berties', to be replaced by dull and soulless plain walls and polite but perfunctory staff. 

I'm afraid the place just didn't do it for me - the pile of out of date newspapers on offer, the absence of sauces on the table, the music on too loud, the watery tinned tomato and an egg fried to the consistency of rubber all made for a very unappealing cafe experience.

If the vibrant and busy Berties couldn't make it work financially, then I worry greatly for the future of  La Continental. 

A few blog readers have commented favourably on the place, so hopefully I just caught them on an off day. 


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janet a said...

My Mum and I went there just after it opened expecting some sort of Mediterranean food (as advertised). When we saw the menu (bog standard greasy spoon), we decided to leave only to be questioned quite aggressively by what I presume was the owner as to why we were leaving. Never going back there again!

Scott said...

I've not been there for breakfast, I think there's better places nearby anyway, but I'd suggest you try dinner there. My wife and I went there a few weeks back and tried the Med Tapas and were not disappointed.

coffee man said...

two of us went there a couple of weeks ago for a coffee ,a tea and cakes .(Costas full up). Not at all inspiring.Serving staff not customer was poor and the cake was agh. wouldn't go again.Not what i had expected after all the hype.

Yashica said...

I ordered a chicken pannini from there, it was so good I had to go back there again. Staff were super friendly and polite. I rate the place :-)

Anonymous said...

Much preferred this place when it was the Cafe Experience

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