Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Size Matters

Work is well underway to transform the site of the failed Caffe Piccolo Italian restaurant into 'Avventura' a new....erm...Italian restaurant, with a cafe/bar attached.

Aside from my disappointment about the monotony of Italian eateries in Worcester Park, one has to ask why this venture will succeed where Caffe Piccolo failed?

There was, from my few visits there, fundamentally nothing wrong with Caffe Piccolo - decently priced, family friendly, decent food.

No doubt the people behing 'Avventura' are full of optimism and hope that good food and good service will set see them through, but will they too soon be forced to face the reality that the place is simply far too big to be viable in anything other than rosy economic conditions?

Then there is the discounting might of Pizza Express, just across the road, to contend with.

Perhaps Avventura will succeed where Piccolo failed. Perhaps they have found the formula that eluded their predecessors.

Or perhaps they too will soon be learning the hard way that size really does matter. Either way, I wish them luck.