Thursday, 6 May 2010

Worcester Park Polling Stations

Polling stations are open until 10pm tonight for the general election and for local council elections for Sutton Council and Kingston Council.

All those on the electoral register should have received their polling cards in the post, however if you haven't received your card you can still vote without it at your designated polling station.

Polling stations in Worcester Park can be found at:

London Borough Of Sutton residents:

Polling stations for Worcester Park residents are at:

Green Lane Primary School, Green Lane, Worcester Park
Christ Church With St. Philips, Ruskin Drive, Worcester Park
Dorchester Primary Sch, Dorchester Road, Worcester Park
Cheam Common Inf Sch, Balmoral Road, Worcester Park
The Pavilion, Cuddington Rec., Sandringham Road, Worcester Park
Cheam Leisure Centre, Malden Road, Cheam

Voters can only vote at their designated polling station (as indicated on their card), which will usually be the polling station nearest to your home address. However if you are unsure, contact Sutton Council on 020 8770 4888

Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames residents: Old Malden Ward

Polling station for Worcester Park residents in the Kingston Borough's Old Malden ward is at St John's Church Hall, 411 Malden Road, Worcester Park, KT4 7NY EXCEPT for residents of Pembury Avenue, Kingshill Avenue, Hughenden Road, Risborough Drive and Caverleigh Way, whose polling station is at Green Lane Primary School, Green Lane, Worcester Park, KT4 8AS

Borough Of Epsom & Ewell:

Polling stations are at:

ROWE HALL (2ND CUDDINGTON SCOUT HQ), Salisbury Road, Worcester Park
For residents of: Ardrossan Gardens, The Avenue, Avon Close, Badgers Copse, Dene Close and Edenfield Gardens, Elmstead Gardens, Fairford Gardens, Inveresk Gardens, Kingsley Drive, Kinross Avenue, Roland Way, Shadbolt Close, Squirrels Green, Suffolk Road, ValeRoad (part) (Nos 1-171a (odd) and 2-152 (even) The Gamecock and The Parade) and Woodlands Avenue.

ST MARY’S CHURCH HALL, The Avenue, Worcester Park
For residents of Alsom Avenue, Auriol Close, Auriol Park Road, Barrow Hill (Carrick Lodge only), Barrow Hill Close, Cardinal Close, Cleveland Gardens, Cleveland Road, Cromwell Road, Cuddington Avenue, Cunliffe Road (1-4 The Courtyard only), Delta Close, Delta Road, The Denningtons, Drumaline Ridge, Grafton Close, Grafton Park Road, Grafton Road, Kingston Road (part) (Nos 436-476 (even), Mortimer Crescent, Northcliffe Close, Old Malden Lane, Parkdale Crescent, Parklands Way, Riverhill Mews, Royal Avenue, Royal Close, St Mary’s Road, St Michael’s Close, Salisbury Close, Salisbury Road (part) (Nos 57-139 (odd) 56-66, 76-92 (even) and Worcester Court), Spinney Close, Wolsey Close, Worcester Gardens and Worcester Park Road.

STONELEIGH METHODIST CHURCH HALL, Stoneleigh Crescent, Stoneleigh
For residents of: Amberley Gardens, The Byway, Cuda’s Close, Cunliffe Road, Firswood Avenue, Fir Tree Close, Kingston Road (part) (Nos 178a-328a (even), Kirby Close, Lymington Gardens, Mavis Avenue, Mavis Close, Moormead Drive, Newbury Gardens, Ravensfield Gardens and Rembrandt Court, Seaforth Gardens, Station Approach, Stoneleigh Crescent, Stoneleigh Park Road, Thorndon Gardens, Vale Road (part) (Nos 173a-195 (odd), Walsingham Gardens and Westways.