Friday, 7 May 2010

Sutton & Cheam Election Result - Liberal Democrat hold

Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow has held the seat of Sutton & Cheam with a redcued majority of 1,608, narrowly seeing off Conservative rival Philippa Stroud.

Paul Burstow took the seat from the Conservatives in 1997, and was returned in 2001 with an increased majority. He was re-elected in 2005 but with a reduced majority of just 2,846 after a 2% swing to the Conservatives.

Philippa Stroud had been tipped to win the seat, which was 59th on the Conservative's list of target seats, however her campaign was dealt a major blow after allegations in the Observer newspaper that she founded a church that tried to 'cure' homosexuals by 'driving out their demons', allegations which Stroud vehemently denied.

Paul Burstow Liberal Democrat - 22,156
Philippa Stroud Conservative 20,548
Kathy Allen Labour 3,376
John Clarke British National Party 1,014
David Pickles UK Independence Party 950
Peter Hickson Green 246
John Dodds English Democrats 106
Matthew Connolly Christian Peoples Alliance 52
Martin Cullip Libertarian 41
Brian Hammond Independents Federation UK 19 

Majority 1,608
Turnout 48,508 (72.8%)

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Stephen said...

Congratulations to Paul and the Lib Dem team. Judging from the mountains of Tory crap being posted through my letterbox and the constant leafleting outside Worcester Park station, Lord Cashcroft's money was really being pumped into this constituency. So glad it was wasted.

Blah said...

In response to Stephens comment, I always found the LibDems outside the train station and I received huge amounts from the LibDems, I think they wanted to boost the recycling statistics...
I'm disappointed that Philippa didn't do better, and whilst I am gay myself I think the whole "demons" thing was blown out of proportion at the last min but a LibDem paper. She has made clear her views on homosexuality and I'm sure the churches acted like many churches would when someone approached them asking for help.

Michael said...

ha ha ha!
I guess she didn't pray hard enough!

Jon said...

it's not just the Murdoch press that can distort democracy. sigh

Downwind of the Cock said...

Although interested in Strouds demon theory, much more pertinent is her faith and the fact it demands subservience to her husband. I find it stunning that people will still turn up and vote for someone purely because of the colour of their rosette, anyone with any common sense and who knew about her religious views surely couldn't vote for her could they?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the lesson to be learnt by the other party's in 12/18 months time is to dig the dirt up on their opponents a week before polling.

Matt said...

Better still, Anonymous... don't have any dirt to be dug up in the first place.

A Saffa who got a vote (Why??) said...

Now that the election is "over", can all the fools with the silly Lib Dem signs outside their houses please take them down. They look tacky. You won a couple of constituencies in London (barely), well done...

(p.s. I'll be amazed if this gets posted, if yes, fantastic, if not, we know this blog is politically biased :-) )

axlrocky said...

woeful decision WP - if anyone can tell me one reason for keeping Burstow in then ill eat my hat - answers on a postcard please! local policies reasons only please, you dont vote for a leader/party were not in America!

Anonymous said...

can't believe lib Dems dont have dirt to be found ,we had better start digging now for the next election or we could make up or embelish like the rest.
this is going to be fun.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the fact that Paul Burstow is without a doubt one of the hardest working MPs in Westminster and actually cares about his constituency. I've written to him on a couple of occasions and on both times received a prompt and positive response - not just the generic 'thanks for your letter blah blah blah can't do anything about it sorry.'

Matt said...

Certainly my view of Paul Burstow is very positive and I see him working for us both locally and nationally. He also had no part in the expenses disgrace and has never drawn for a second home. We could do with more MPs like that.

Anonymous, maybe there is dirt to be found, maybe there isn't. At least if there is, the LDs don't make it as ridiculously easy to find as the Cons did this time. Publishing your thoughts and being married to a leader of a church that allegedly has bigotry in its very written constitution (in this case the misogynistic refusal to let women members have authority nor even the right to follow their own minds) is not the kind of discretion that will lead to a job in MI6.

It's also not a good idea if you're asking to represent people of varying and no faiths and people who don't believe in bigotry. Ultimately the people spoke at the poll and that should be the end of it.

Joy said...

Joy of Epsom. Regrettably, I have Greedy Grayling as my MP. I do voluntary work in Sutton and come into contact with Paul Burstow from time to time. Any problems are dealt with promptly and he has genuine concern for everyone. People of Sutton, Cheam & Worcester Park, in the words of Tommy Trinder "YOU LUCKY PEOPLE!"

Anonymous said...

We are heading for another Labour Goverment. Nick Clegg is the same as Gordon Brown. Say one thing and do another behind our backs. He is clearly not to be trusted. He said he would talk with the party with the most votes and only then when talks broke down would he talk with Labour. Here we go again... Is that what we really want? In the meantime, what about the state of the country, heading the same way as Greece, never mind the voting reform!!

Anonymous said...

Like others have mentioned above, I have also written to Paul Burstow on two occassions and had very prompt replies, quickly followed by proper full answers to my queries.

Also any MP who takes the time to go and sit in Tesco's cafe (on a very regular basis - not just pre-election) to make it easier for members of the public to come and speak with him as well as regular surgery days - gets my vote.


Anonymous said...

I too cannot believe that anyone would still vote for someone who had such a questionable background. Is it that those who voted for Stroud think it is acceptable to have someone with such bigoted views standing in parliament; or do people blindly vote for a party without caring who it is they are actually voting for?

Also I am the only one shocked by the number of votes received by the BNP in Sutton and Cheam?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Shocked at the number of BNP voters? You obviously don't read this blog very often!

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