Monday, 3 May 2010

Coming Out Fighting?

Has anyone seen Philippa Stroud? It appears that the Conservative parliamentary candidate has done something of an online disappearing act following yesterday's Observer newspaper front page story about her.

With just three days of campaigning left before the general election, Mrs Stroud's Facebook campaign group, which she had used to communicate with and rally her supporters, was deleted yesterday - as was her Twitter account.

A strange disappearance with such a crucial vote just days away, don't you think?

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Andrew said...

Much as I love Twitter, this does illustrate how easy it is for a hashtag to gain an exponential momentum (trending) due to any number of self interests.

The volume of tags does not make a story true or relevant. People are re-tweeting the story in amazement of lack of coverage, suggesting a media consipracy. Out of all the media outlets, I would trust the BBC's impartiality over any of the press. They are not reporting this as newsworthy.

The party activists appeal to all followers to retweet and then stand back.

Stroud's online presence has probably been removed as it has been bombarded by incoming messages.

Tony Blair was a devout catholic which Alastair Campbell wanted to keep quiet. Although I didn't agree with the Catholic church's philosophy (not exactly pro-gay either) it did not stop me voting for change in 1997.

axlrocky said...

Does anyone know which Church it is - I would like to see this Demon chasing for myself, If what the Observer reports is true it must be something worth seeing? I'm picturing the scene from Dragnet, fetch me some goatskin chaps!

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