Friday, 7 May 2010

Nonsuch Ward: local council election results

Liberal Democrat Councillors Gerry and Kirsty Jerome have retained their council seats following yesterday's poll in Sutton Council's Nonsuch Ward, but fellow Councillor Roger Roberts has lost his seat to the Conservative Party.

Mr Jerome, who yesterday failed in his bid to be elected as Liberal Democrat MP for Croydon North, topped the poll, with wife Kirsty in second place.

Incumbent Liberal Democrat Councillor Roger Roberts failed to secure sufficient votes to retain his seat and was narrowly beaten by Conservative Party candidate Eric Allen.

Results of Nonsuch Ward local council elections (London Borough Of Sutton):

ELECTED: Gerry Jerome Liberal Democrats: 2781
ELECTED: Kirsty Jerome Liberal Democrats: 2675
ELECTED: Eric Allen Conservative Party 2568
Roger Roberts: Liberal Democrats: 2531
Alan Plant Conservative Party: 2476
Richard Butt Conservative Party: 2400
Kathie Clark Labour Party: 376
Shawn Buck Labour Party: 354
Marcus Papadopoulos Labour Party: 335