Friday, 7 May 2010

Worcester Park Ward: Local Council Election Results

The Liberal Democrats have broken the Conservative Party's stranglehold on Worcester Park ward, snatching two out of the three ward seats from their rivals.

Incumbent Conservative Councillor Stuart Gordon-Bullock retained his seat on the council, but in a close-fought contest his fellow Conservative candidates Marie Grant and Alan Swinton failed to pick up sufficient votes to join him on the Council.

The Liberal Democrats' Jennifer Campbell-Komps, who live in The Hamptons in Worcester Park, topped the poll, with fellow Lib Dem Stephen Fenwick coming third.

The result of Worcester Park ward was so close that that re-count was held, delaying the declaration of the overall result for Sutton Council.

Results of Worcester Park ward local council elections (London Borough Of Sutton):

ELECTED: Jennifer Campbell-Klomps Liberal Democrats: 2739
ELECTED: Stuart Gordon-Bullock Conservative Party: 2309
ELECTED: Stephen Fenwick Liberal Democrats: 2291
Jason Hunter Liberal Democrats: 2269
Alan Swinton Conservative Party: 2229
Marie Grant Conservative Party: 2287
John Evers Labour Party:  585
David Hosking Labour Party: 542
Chris Day UK Independence Party: 534
Hilary Hosking Labour Party: 507

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Anonymous said...

Happy for the Lib Dems...from an EU citizen of Worcester Park that voted..keep the good work

JasonJHunter said...

Sincere congratulations to Stuart, Jenny and Steve.

It was a very hard fought campaign by all concerned (which I'll be blogging about later) and was far too close to call all through the election and even through the counting of the ballots and the recount.

And in the words of the great Governor of California 'Arnie' "I'll be back..."

axlrocky said...

ridiculously close run thing jason, hard lines, was looking forward to holding you to account! hee hee. best of luck in the future

JasonJHunter said...

Thx Axlrocky, I really was looking forward to accomplishing a lot.

I should really take this opportunity to thank all 2,269 people who did vote for me, greatly appreciated.

Here's a hoping that the team can work together, stand up in council and follow through with their positive election promises. I know I would have. At the end of the day this whole election has been about making Worcester Park a better place to live for us all.

Stephen Fenwick said...

I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to the thousands of you who voted for me, and also for the Lib Dems, in what was an exciting, fair and well-fought campaign. The last few months were very hard but I am determined to make many positive changes in Worcester Park in the coming years which will repay my graditude to those who voted for me on May 6th.

Obviously, commiserations go out to those who campaigned against the Lib Dems and especially to Jason J Hunter who, in spite of the hard work and effort he put into the campaign, missed out on taking the third seat for the Lib Dems in Worcester Park. I very much look forward to meeting and working with the residents' of Worcester Park in the coming years.

If there are any issues that you are concerned about, I can be contacted at or on 07717 258 952

Jennifer Campbell-Klomps said...

The Election Campaign offered me the most amazing opportunity to meet and engage with residents at their doorsteps as well as working with the multitude of helpers who gave up their time supporting the Party; there were some wonderful moments that I shall not forget!

Thank you so very much for making the momentus journey to the Polling Station and voting for the Lib Dems. I shall do my utmost to represent your interests and look forward to the next four years as your councillor.

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