Friday, 7 May 2010

Worcester Park Ward: Local Council Election Results

The Liberal Democrats have broken the Conservative Party's stranglehold on Worcester Park ward, snatching two out of the three ward seats from their rivals.

Incumbent Conservative Councillor Stuart Gordon-Bullock retained his seat on the council, but in a close-fought contest his fellow Conservative candidates Marie Grant and Alan Swinton failed to pick up sufficient votes to join him on the Council.

The Liberal Democrats' Jennifer Campbell-Komps, who live in The Hamptons in Worcester Park, topped the poll, with fellow Lib Dem Stephen Fenwick coming third.

The result of Worcester Park ward was so close that that re-count was held, delaying the declaration of the overall result for Sutton Council.

Results of Worcester Park ward local council elections (London Borough Of Sutton):

ELECTED: Jennifer Campbell-Klomps Liberal Democrats: 2739
ELECTED: Stuart Gordon-Bullock Conservative Party: 2309
ELECTED: Stephen Fenwick Liberal Democrats: 2291
Jason Hunter Liberal Democrats: 2269
Alan Swinton Conservative Party: 2229
Marie Grant Conservative Party: 2287
John Evers Labour Party:  585
David Hosking Labour Party: 542
Chris Day UK Independence Party: 534
Hilary Hosking Labour Party: 507