Friday, 7 May 2010

Liberal Democrats Retain Sutton Council

The Liberal Democrats have retained control in Sutton Council local elections after winning 43 of the borough's 54 seats.

Voting in Worcester Park's two council wards, Nonsuch Ward and Worcester Park Ward, was so close that both wards were subject to recounts before the final results were confirmed at just after 2:30pm.

In a diasastrous night for the opposition party, the Conservatives lost 9 seats, including their leader Paul Scully in Carshalton Central. The Conservative Party now have only 11 seats on Sutton Council.

The Liberal Democrats have led the council since 1986, making it the longest continual Liberal Democrat administration in the UK.

For more details of the results in Worcester Park and Nonsuch Ward, see the blog posts below.

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Adrian Short said...

A good night for the Lib Dems on the council.

The Tories suffered from the kind of very disproportionate representation that keeps the Lib Dems mostly out of Westminster.

While the Lib Dems took 48% of the votes across the whole borough they gained 80% of the council seats.

Whereas the Tories took 38% of the borough-wide vote and got just 20% of the seats.

Sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Both the wards in Worcester Park, Worcester Park and Nonsuch wards, were "split" wards, returning councillors from the two different parties. Clearly some people prefer to vote for candidates they know rather than stick strictly to voting for one party. Local reputation matters.

Full results data and analysis is on my site which is shamelessly plugged here:

Anonymous said...

another couple of years with a poor council no consideration for the common person, £100000 on appeals for the hamptons and still said yes, wheres the schools the transport what about congested roads and now a muslim temple just off central road well done all

Michael said...

Would the Hamptons have had any other outcome under the tories or Labour? .. I think not. I am afraid that capitalist profit always seems to rule over common sense.

From your comments it seems you are also biast toward Muslim temple in Worcester Park(irrelevant of rumor or fact). Are you equally against all religions. Should all churches/temples be disallowed and pulled down or are you just biased toward a single religion.

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