Friday, 7 May 2010

Kingston & Surbiton Election Result: Lib Dems Hold

Liberal Democrat MP Edward Davey has held his seat of Kingston & Surbiton. The MP, who took the seat from the Conservatives in 1997, was returned with a slightly reduced majority.

Monkey The Drummer from the Monster Raving Looney Party polled just 247 votes despite popular policies which included introducing a 0.09p coin so people can pay for petrol at the right price and a pledge to freeze the high level of council tax in Kingston and serve it with vodka.

Full Results:

Edward Davey, Liberal Democrat - 28,428
Helen Whately, Conservative - 20,868
Max Freedman, Labour - 5,337
Jonathan Greensted, UK Independence Party  - 1,450
Chris Walker, Green - 555
Monkey the Drummer, Monster Raving Loony Party - 247
Anthony May, Christian Peoples Alliance - 226

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Novparl said...

Excellent policies.

Matt said...

Not enough people knew about Monkey the Drummer's policies. The election was a sham that degraded into a personality contest. And he's a monkey.


axlrocky said...

looks like i was right about Davey being a liar - Burstow and Clegg too - at least they saved Kingston hospital eh?

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