Friday, 7 May 2010

Kingston Council Election Results - Old Malden Ward

The Liberal Democrats have retained overall control of Kingston Council.

In Old Malden Ward, which includes parts of Worcester Park, the three Conservative Party candidates retained their seats on the Council:

ELECTED: FRASER,David - Conservative: 2363
ELECTED: AMSON, Mick - Conservative: 2262
ELECTED: STINTON, Kate - Conservative:  2016
HAYAT, Ghazala - Liberal Democrat: 1914
WILLIAMS, Kerry - Liberal Democrat:1899
KWON,Suk-Ha - Liberal Democrat: 1689
KELLETT, Ian - Labour: 501
KNOWLES, John James - Labour: 471
PEARSON, George Edwin - Labour: 441
TAIMURI, Adeela - Green Party: 261
GOODGER, Daniel - Independent: 258
GLENCROSS, Roger - Christian Peoples Alliance: 139

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Anonymous said...

well done to all of the Old Malden Ward residents who had the common sense to vote for the conservative candidates to at least help challenge the Liberal Kingston council who's only achievement is to award us with the highest council tax in London with a reduced and poor service! shame on the other wards who voted to keep them in power!

EP said...

How did you find out the results for the Kingston Council election? I've been searching online and can't find anything!

axlrocky said...

well said anon - shame the dipsticks in sutton and Kingston couldnt muster the gumption not to do what the tv told them to do like the rest of the electorate - got Kramer out of North Kingston but still left with Burstow and Davey - good luck paying your council tax next year WP! glad I live on the Epsom cusp!

coffee man said...

Lucky you Axlrocky,but well said.
not so lucky to be living in Kingston under yet a further 4 years of Libdem dictatorship (27/21).
£14 million on a theatre which will never pay for itself, even with £600,000 a year 'grant' for a further ??years .
maybe they will now build more of the same, one in each we will have to pay even more council tax.
oh happy days to come ! time to get out the Valium.

DB said...

The kingston council election results can be seen at:

ajchulme said...

£14m..get real as if ..more Tory propaganda..get back to reality TV and leave real culture to people who appreaciate Dame Judi

Michael said...

...and great theatre it is too. We enjoyed an evening there recently seeing Dame Judi. Perhaps you 'minority whiners' should go and enjoy some of the things you pay for seeng as there is now so little you can do about it.

The people have voted and 'your' tory candidates were NOT wanted despite the extra costs.

Name calling the majority of the constituancies as 'dipsticks' only reflects the level of your intellegence.

young buck said...

its brilliant that we have a theatre in Kingston. It is a great cultural addition to the riverside and an good education resource for Local schools. Not everything is about 'paying its way' somethings are for the good of community..but obviously we have known since Thatcher that Tories believe there is no such thing.

axlrocky said...

Michael, if you add up all the votes in sutton and Kingston less than half the people voted for a Liberal Democrat - so it would appear that the majority didnt want the Lib Dems. But thats what you Libs want to change to make the voting system "Fairer" - enjoy your theatre trips, you paid for them - how much is a travelcard to the west end again?

When it all turns sour in 12 months after the Libs have made a complete hash of meddling in westminster affairs then ill be able to say I told you so - until then ill remain "aggreived of WP"

Matt said...

@axlrocky, you wrote, "less than half the people voted for a Liberal Democrat".

To translate that back into reality, almost half of everyone voted *FOR* LD, and 5000 more people voted LD than conservative. What system of voting system do you propose in WP instead of this one? Dictatorship? The "whatever axlrocky thinks" party? We went to the polls and more people disagreed with you than agreed with you. You don't have to like that but playing with the numbers won't help.

"after the Libs have made a complete hash of meddling in westminster affairs"

What, you mean the Libs that the Conservative party have chosen to ask to help them create a feasible government in the commons after failing to reach a majority under an electoral system that unquestionably favours them? Those Libs?

Jeff said...

Young Buck, why should Kingston council tax payers subsidise your trips to the Rose Theatre to the tune of £600,000 a year? If I go to the cinema nobody subsidises my ticket. If I went to a pop concert nobody subsidises my ticket. The arrogance of you high-class luvvies who expect other people to pay for your enjoyment just because you're going to see Shakespeare or Harold Pinter.

If the Rose Theatre is such a success as everyone makes out, why can't it pay its own way and stop poncing off the ordinary people of Kingston?

If this happened in a Mediterranean country it would get burnt down.

Micahel said...

I find it really strange that for someone that wants the tories in you indicate that you want a LD policy of PR whilst the tories have fundimentally rejected this policy. What do you want PR or not. The ONLY party (of significance) that want PR is the Lib Dems as it will give them a fairer representation of their proportion of the votes..

If you want to talk figures go here first and read up.

I did go to the west end just the other week to see 'Lady in Black' a great play. I think it cost a fiver or so for the travel card, very reasonable. But I expect fares will go up with Boris the baffoon in charge since he has cut all the travel subsidies the only thing that has kept fares low until recently has been negative inflation so yes, we will see.

axlrocky said...

michael, i really love winding libs up its so much fun - you always bite so much - lets see what transpires - who knows, maybe the libs are the future and im completely out of touch

Michael said...

A good job I am not a Lib Dem supporter then or I would be well wound up ...right! ...tactically I would just rather have LD in then the tories. Especially now that the tories have made a fundemental party policy U-turn and are actually conceding to have a referendum on PR!

And with Gorden Brown signalling his resignation maybe the tories will not get in after all. Whetever the outcome, it all has become rather interesting and entertaining politics. It seems that the Lib Dems will be getting their '15 minutes of fame'... if they manage to get PR introduced during this time then yes, we may see a lot more of them in the future.

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