Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pub Trawl

I popped into the North End Tavern the other day - in all my years in Worcester Park I've never actually ventured in there.

Much to my surprise it turned out to be a theme pub - the theme being crap service. Having annoyed the bloke behind the bar by asking for a drink, he proceeded to make a complete balls up of pouring it cursing 'for f*#ck sake' under his miserable breath. I won't be going back there again.

Far more successful was my foray into the H G Wells - Worcester Park's newest boozer, which opened for business on Wednesday.

The pub has been tastefully refurbished turning the interior from bare and cavernous into a snug and relaxing and managing to avoid the faux-traditional clone feeling of many other pubs, with warm decor, an eclectic smattering of ornaments and some tasteful nods to the works of Mr Wells.

Positioning itself as a food-led establishment, there is a large area reserved for dining - leaving perhaps too little space for drinkers - with food served from Midday to 10pm and the promise of tasty roasts on Sundays.

Most impressive of all were the staff - genuinely cheerful, welcoming and accomplished, and not a hint that it was only their third night of operation.

I can't wait to go back.