Monday, 10 May 2010

Breakfast News

As regular blog readers will know, I am something of a devotee of the full English breakfast and so was distraught when Berties cafe closed down, depriving Worcester Park of the only decent full English in town.

La Continental opened in its place and having doggedly stuck to its Mediterranean theme for about a week it promptly started dipping its toes in Cottage Pie (as it were) before caving into the inevitable and completely Anglicising its breakfast menu with the full English taking pride of place.

On Friday morning, having humiliatingly conceded defeated in the my staying-awake-contest against 72-year old David Dimbleby, I awoke in search of a revitalising Full English. Finding the shutters of La Continental mysteriously shut, I wandered up to the H G Wells pub.

Hoorah! They do a full English breakfast, BUT it's called a Butcher's Breakfast, is part of their lunch menu (it is only served from Midday).

Those minor details aside, it turned out to be one of the best English breakfasts around - with proper sausage, not the traditional pub cylindrical mish-mash of meat that that is about as attractive to look at as the '3663' lorry it was delivered in - and decent bacon and properly-cooked eggs to boot.

I think I have found my perfect full English breakfast. It's just a shame they only serve it at lunchtime.

P.S: I think Dimbleby finally went to bed at 3pm on Friday. Lightweight.