Monday, 24 May 2010

Bollardy Quick Work

Well, I never. Less than one working day since the bollard toppling incident, Sutton Council have repaired the damage and said bollard is now standing upright, waiting for the next vehicle to knock it down.

Super-fast work, Sutton Council.

Now perhaps you could be as speedy in sorting out the height warning sign fiasco?

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Michael said...

I guess you/your site has influence!

Or maybe they are just spending the last few pennies they have before the tory cuts announced today are implemented :P

...puts flame suit on and legs it!

The Parkerilla said...

As I mentioned previously the height warning signs are the resposibility of Kingston Council, they have nothing whatsoever to do with Sutton Council.


Worcester Park said...

Parkerlla - why are they the responsibility of Kingston Council? Surely the road signs on the Old Malden side of the bridge are down to Kingston Council and the ones on the other side are down to Sutton Council?

Either way, Sutton Council refuses even to answer my e-mails requesting information on when this mess will be sorted.

There are about 6 signs covered up with black bin liners. These signs must have cost hundreds of pounds - a complete waste of money in this age of austerity when any idiot could have spotted that the heights on them are completely wrong.

The Parkerilla said...

No they're not, Kingston encroaches further into WP than you think, check the boundary plans, Sutton starts just short of Kingfish, the bridge and the immediate land to the east of it is the responsibility of Kingston Council. I'd be glad if you'd acknowledge the peculiar position of Worcester Park as being a proud town in its own right but being in three boroughs all at once, Sutton, Kingston and Eppsom and Ewwell, Sutton council isn't the be all and end all of Worcester park.

Worcester Park said...

Sorry, Parkerilla, but if you check out the ward map for Old Malden, you'll see that the boundary of Kingston Borough and Sutton Borough runs alongside the railway bridge, so the shops from Charles Tate/Cuppaholic onwards are all part of Sutton Borough:

Anonymous said...

to all concerned the boundary between Sutton and Kingston is about 20/30ft to the Worcester Park side of the railway bridge.just where the sign for Kingston's Twinning partner is located.see and view the ISIS data base with all the aerial photos etc.
So the signs are within Kingston's boundary.To add to the confusion are the signs the responsibilty of TFL or Network Rail (who own the Bridge)???

Anonymous said...

I suggest that you contact your newly elected councillors, Stuart Gordon-Bullock, Jennifer Campbell-Klomps or Stephen Fenwick if you are not getting any joy from the council directly. They should be able to help.

Martin said...

Worcester Park, the map you have referenced shows that the boundary actually runs a couple of meters from the side of the bridge. Hair by Flicko is in Sutton but the path up to the station is in Kingston. I suspect the signs are close enough to the bridge to be in Kingston. This map shows it more clearly

Anyway, there is bound to be some Gentleman’s agreement between the two councils that mean everything to do with the bridge is covered by only one of them and it would make sense if that was Kingston.

Anonymous said...

I live in Pembury Avenue, and the first few houses are in Sutton and the rest in Kingston!

David said...

If it's of any interest to anyone, the strip of grass behind Hair by Fiko and Cuppaholic is cut by Sutton Council Parks Dept.

Worcester Park said...

Point taken, but the sign outside the Midas Touch must surely be Sutton Council's, even if the rest are with Kingston?

I'm glad that Sutton Council took action within days of my e-mail to them about the signs, but what annoys me most is their refusal even to answer my requests for information.

Why the silence? Is it too much for the team of press officers (whose wages I pay via my council tax) to send a response - even if it is just to tell me that the signs are the responsibility of Kingston Council, not Sutton?

Rick said...

Sorry, but you’re all wrong!

If you recall, when previous failings in Worcester Park High Street have been highlighted, a prospective Lib Dem councillor put us all straight and provided the indisputable answer: He informed us that those perceived failures within Sutton Council’s boundaries were not the responsibility of Sutton Council and he informed us that responsibility for apparent failures fell to the Conservative London Mayor and the then Labour Government.

Therefore, this inexcusable inability to measure the height of a minor bridge is in no way attributable to Sutton Council. And since Kingston Council is also Liberal Democrat controlled, it goes without saying that Kingston Council must be similarly irreproachable. Having ascertained that Local Government is completely blameless, plainly all responsibility for this failure points, undeniably, to the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition (and let’s be clear, solely to the Conservative element of it).

It therefore falls to our newly elected councillors, Jennifer Campbell-Klomps (Lib Dem) and Stephen Fenwick (Lib Dem) to extract a full and frank admission of this unforgivable, repeated failure, over many years, from their fellow newly elected councillor Stuart Gordon-Bullock (Conservative), on behalf of Mr. Cameron’s newly appointed administration.

Adrian Short said...

Sutton Council has provided this map which might help resolve the issue.

axlrocky said...

as this land between the bridge and cuppaholic seems to be "up for grabs" I suggest we WP residents stampede, claim back and rip the signs down, a la Scotland breaking the goalposts at wembley

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