Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bath Time

Blog reader David writes:

"For various reasons I have spent the last four years moving between Worcester Park and Bath - very recently I noticed that there is a series of streets and buildings in the Lambridge Ward of Bath named Worcester Park. 

I was unable to find out what, if any, the link was between the two places from the local people; so thought I'd throw it out onto this forum in the hope that someone might know?"

My guess would be a connection with Edward Somerset, 4th Earl Of Worcester (or one of his family).

Bath is of course in Somerset and the Somersets were a family of nobles from the House Of Beaufort - looking on Google maps there are roads called Beaufort Place and Beaufort East just to the south of 'Worcester Park' and 'Worcester in Bath. 

Edward Somerset was appointed Keeper of the Great Park which was created for Henry VIII around Nonsuch Palace - land on which the settlement of Worcester Park (named after him) was later built.

Well, that's my theory. Any more ideas?

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The Parkerilla said...

You're not David Rymill by any chance? If so you're a very highly respected member of the Worcester Park community as its resident historian.

Worcester Park said...

I'd quite like to be David Rymill - if only at weekends.

I'd settle for just being a respected member of the Worcester Park community, though.

janet a said...

I'm David Rymill! Oh, no, wait a minute - that's Spartacus

BenjyP said...

There might also be a link with San Jose as there is a Worcester Park there as well

Anonymous said...

San José? Worcester Park? ... To think, but for a curious accident of geography, and a difference in timing of a mere 40 odd years, Burt Bacharach and Hal David could have written and Dionne Warwick could have recorded "Do you know the way to More Than Lofts?"

Dave said...

This is a long overdue thank you to you guys for answering my question... I'm intrigued by this San Jose link now...

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