Monday, 19 April 2010

W.I. Not?

The Women's Institute isn't just about jam, Jerusalem and slow hand clapping Tony Blair. The organisation has sought to modernise itself in recent years - and now it could be coming to Worcester Park.

There will be a gathering of interested women tonight (Monday 19th April) at Christchurch with St Philip church hall  at 7:30pm - the first step in bringing the Women's Institute to Worcester Park.

If you are interested in finding out how you can be part of the W.I. in WP, then pop along to the meeting to find out more.

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Marie said...

Sorry I missed your meeting, I would love to attend next one. I am a local conservative candidate for WP. My contact detail is should you wish to discuss anything.

Anonymous said...

I missed this too as i have only just stumbled upon this blog, would be interested in the next one though.Maybe a bit more advertising is needed. What about in the post office at North Cheam and Worcester Park!
North cheam

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