Friday, 23 April 2010

A Vision Of Worcester Park

For all the stick it takes and despite the planning furore in recent years, I don't think many would doubt that The Hamptons and Mayflower Park are a striking and aesthetically pleasing addition to the Worcester Park landscape.

Shimi Dahan, who was project landscape architect for Phase 1 of the Hamptons and Mayflower Park has been in touch with me having stumbled across the blog:

"It’s fascinating to see current photos and witness the rivalry between the Worcester Park and Hamptons residents and the attachment both groups have developed towards the park."

Shimi's portfolio website has some of the early design ideas for the project - you can check them out and have a virtual tour of The Hamptons and Mayflower Park as they were originally envisaged at (select the portfolio page and scroll half-way down list of projects).

I wonder what Shimi would make of a real-life walk through the completed development?

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Dancing queen said...

I think the tree budget must have been reduced!

Anonymous said...

I am not so glad to see someone that does not have to endure the pain that the hamptons has cuased local residents to view the rivalry as "fascinating".

There is a huge new 10ft high mound added to the top of the hill on the north side. Not shown on any drawnings or models that I have seen so maybe they are applying for permission for this retrospectively? ...perhaps the missing trees are also buried in there.

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