Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Prey Silence

No sooner has one noise nuisance been silenced than another is plaguing the good people of Worcester Park.

Blog reader Tim told e-mailed me to ask:

"I was wondering if anyone living at the top end of Worcester Park high street has noticed and is becoming extremely tired of some repetitive bird noises?

I have been advised it is a gadget that is designed to deter the pigeons off the roofs near More Than Lofts/Stitch Express.

It is an increasingly annoying, repetitive, squawk that is intended to replicate the sound of a bird of prey (I can only assume).

Please make it stop!!"

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Shelokay said...

The question is.. does it work?
I think we should all have cams at the ready to snap any pigeons spotted on the roof hey!

janet a said...

I heard that the other day! wondered what it was, thanks for the explanation. Sorry i have my own sparrow gang who provide an annoying repetitive chorus of their own, can't help.

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