Sunday, 18 April 2010

One Horse Race?

Whilst all the attention might be focussed on the forthcoming General Election, there are of course local council elections taking place in Worcester Park (for those living in the Sutton or Kingston boroughs, that is).

But where, pray tell, are the candidates for the local elections? So far only the Liberal Democrat council candidates have graced by doormat with campaign literature and knocked on the door to speak to me (I wasn't in at the time).

Only just over a couple of weeks to go, and I've not ot a peep from the local Conservative council candidates so far.

Has anyone heard from them?

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jasonjhunter said...

I met one of the Conservative 'candidates' at a potential councillor training session at the civic offices. Apart from that no!

I have however seen busloads of Young Conservatives trawling the station and the high street with balloons etc

One great comment from a passer by while I was standing near the station with my co LibDem candidates and Paul Burstow:

"ooh, real candidates, thats better than a few blue balloons"

Vote Lib Dem, get Action for Worcester Park, not words.

Anonymous said...

We live on Boscombe road and the Conservatives have canvassed our street 3 times in the last 2 weeks. We have, however, had no visits from any other party that I know of.

But I did receive 6 copies of the same Lib Dem leaflet on my doormat, through various methods, in the post and hand delivered. Good to see the efficiency of the Liberal Democrats is being demonstrated yet again.

But thanks to their, no sarcasm at all, easy peasy recycling setup, it was simple enough to dispose of them in a very environmentally responsible way!

axlrocky said...

Vote Lib Dem , get no action except 4 months leading up to an election.

Dont fall for it again - their voice isnt heard in parliament, they are the third party for a reason.

Burstow and Davey out!

Scully said...

Philippa Stroud and the three Conservative council candidates were out and about in Central Road on Tuesday. It's hard to get to see everyone with 7,500 people in the ward but it won't be for want of trying.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives were canvassing the North Cheam end of Worcester Park Saturday - nice middle aged fellow at the door, leaflet drop etc.

The Lib Dems have carpet bombed my door mat several times, too.

JasonJHunter said...

Hi axlrocky, a little known fact is that there are 3 conservative councillors in Worcester Park and have been for 4 years.... hence no action. If you want to see real action from people you can Trust Vote LibDem this time.

and to Anonymous; I have personally knocked on every door in Boscombe road along with fellow LibDem candidates, on the same day we visited Thames Ave, Pondside, Amesbury, Bisley, Conrad and Charminster. I am sorry you werent in when we came around, but as Mr Scully says - its all about the timing. We will be coming back around over the next few days and look forward to discussing how we can best help in due course.

Jules said...

Two blue and yellow teams seen in Stoneleigh Broadway on Saturday canvassing the shoppers and going into the cafes & charity shops - hilarious watching people's brains springing into action, working out how best to dodge them!

Amylena said...

A friend of ours in the Hamptons today had a visit from Iain Duncan Smith today...

We also live in Boscombe Road, I had a lovely chat with one of the Young Conservatives but to be honest, I never know what to say when people come canvassing.

axlrocky said...


These are the council for the entire area is made up of the following:

lib dem = 32
cons = 20
lab = 0
others = 2

To effect change the whole council would have to vote not just the WP 3! Seems like your gang are firmly in control and have consistently failed the people of WP on schools, roads, affordable housing, hospitals, tax over the last 5 years.

My proof - 1) Schools - pandemonium over school places this year - no improvement under libs

2) roads - no matter what spin you put on it Central Road is one of the most frustrating roads in Britain! no improvement under libs

3) affordable housing - unless you want to live on an estate in wallington your screwed as a first time buyer - no improvement under libs

4) hospitals - your gang didn't even get consulted on hospital potential closures and then ran a half baked election campaign based on it with the only affect being that Kingston hospital now cant hire a midwife as they all think its going to close.

5)Tax - council tax continues to rise and the above improves very little - non value for money

said my peace - got that off my chest

Best of luck to you on May 6th, as I have no confidence in any of the general public to do anything sensible you will no doubt win your council seat and we can look forward to your promised action for WP and i will be the first to stand corrected and congratulate you if you succeed where your colleagues have failed.

Worcester Park said...

Cllr Scully - I agree the candidates can't hope to meet every voter in Worcester Park in person but when I have had countless Council election flyers from the Liberal Democrats through my door over the last month or so and nothing from the Conservative candidates that doesn't give me much choice in who to vote for, does it?

The Conservative council candidates don't even have anything in the way of a web presence, so even if I actively sought information on them it would be impossible to come by.

Yes, I have had plenty from Philippa Stroud, but I vote nationally on national issues and locally on local issues.

As it currently stands, I either vote Liberal Democrat locally or I don't vote at all.

Andrew B said...

Usually a Libdem voter locally, it is time now for the money squandering crew and their lavish schemes to be voted out in favour of a team with a little more economic savvy. Whether or not the money "comes from TfL", the excruciating waste currently occurring in Sutton High Street with the relaying of perfectly good paving is biblical in proportion. Couple that to that the huge use of resources and it is close to criminal. It makes the washing out of my little Marmite pot so that maybe another one can be made out of it seem utterly pointless when the energy and resources expended in this prodigal venture must be vast.

Susie Cutie said...

Vote UKIP - check out their website

Scully said...


Thanks for the reply. I can appreciate your sensible approach of choosing who to vote for based on local issues. Worcester Park is due to get plenty more info from us about a positive change for Sutton. Meanwhile you can see our 100 pledges on our website with 10 of these in more detail.

We are aiming to freeze council tax for the next four years working with a Conservative Government and will publish all Council spending over £500 online. As well as increasing transparency and accountability, the thought of many eyes on the council's spending record will make councillors and officers think twice before spending money in the first place. We will also market Sutton more aggressively to attract business and retailers that residents want to see whilst making parking easier and more affordable in our smaller shopping centres.

Stuart is an experienced local councillor, Marie Grant is the former Deputy Chief Executive of St Georges Hospital and Alan Swinton is a transport consultant, all with relevant experience to address issues within Worcester Park. Similarly Richard Butt in Nonsuch as a Chartered Surveyor is eager to tackle Victoria House and Cheam Baths to see a result which will make a change from having politicians merely queuing up to have their picture taken next to these decrepit buildings.

Jeff said...

Susie Cutie says vote UKIP. Yes, and join the really influential countries of the world like Andorra and San Marino. Whilst everyone else is rushing to get into a United Europe we'd be pushing the other way like the clown who tries to walk down the escalator when everybody else is coming up.

Over on the Up Town side of Worcester Park we're represented by Ed Davey M,P., a hard-working honest man even if he is Lib Dem. He'll get my vote as unfortunately we've no BNP candidate like in Sutton.

As for the local Kingston election, our Lib Dem council has given us the privilege of being the most highly Council Taxed in Britain because of their failure to negotiate a better deal with central government and thir blank cheque policy towards subsidising the Rose Theatre.

Nobody subsidises me when I go to the cinema, or you when you go to a pop concert, so why are we subsidising culture toffs so they can enjoy Harold Pinter on the cheap. Yes my mother was Phyllis Stein. Think about it. It's an aural pun. Don't bother then.

So under Lib Dem local government it's subsidised dramatics for the luvvies and pot holes in Manor Drive for everyone else.

Paul said...

It amuses me that all Lib Dem literature begins "Labour can't win here" or "Conservatives can't win here" depending which constituency they are referring to, and then encouraging the electorate to vote tactically Liberal. In our political New World after Clegg's apparent victory over Compo and Foggy in the televised hustings, we have to think a little differently about our tactical voting.

Success for the Liberals would probably mean that the unpopular, unmandated and distinctly unwelcome Gordon Brown remains at number 10 as leader of a hotchpotch hung parliament.

Outrageous success for the Liberals will see them forming a government with Ed Davey as Foreign Secretary. Hardworking and honest I'm sure he is, but I think even he might be rather surprised and slightly under-prepared to be faced with that prospect.

I was doorstepped by Helen Whately something like 2 years ago when there was nothing to vote for - she was just making herself known to anyone who seemed interested. Her enthusiasm won my vote there and then. The fact that a vote for her is the best way that I have of getting rid of Gordon Brown re-inforces my intention.

Locally, anyone who will do anything to reduce the unbelievable council tax burden will get my vote. Telling me that you will provide better services is irrelevent. I can't afford to pay the tax for them.

Marie said...

Hi, I'm Marie Grant one of your local Conservative Councillors, we are canvassing in Worcester Park most days, unfortunately people are out but we will be around again to pick up local issues with you.

I met Jason together with his colleagues at the civic offices but haven't seen any of them since.....

We are all out again this week, hopefully we will meet.

Vote Conservative in the local elections to make sure we experience real change for the people of Worcester Park and Sutton borough.

If there is anything you wish to discuss with me or bring to my attention please contact me at; or

I,together with Stuart and Alan will continue always to put your case for Worcester Park first when dealing with Sutton Council

Marie, Stuart and Alan working hard for Worcester Park.

Marie said...

Correction to one of my contact e-mails, it should read alternatively use

Vote Conservative for real change....

Anonymous said...

Living across the border in Kingston I will give my local vote to any party that pledges to reduce our Council Tax. This is currently the highest in London. The most recent spending plans appear to be to just carry on increasing it.

So how about it, local candidates?

I may well end up voting Lib Dem nationally but not locally, which may well be the opposite to normal voting patterns.

axlrocky said...

hear hear Paul!

Vote lib dem get Labour

Burstow and Davey out!

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