Thursday, 8 April 2010

Night Mare

Not for those of a nervous disposition, this tale of equine terror in Worcester Park has been sent to me by a blog reader still evidently terrified by the ordeal a quarter of a century ago....

"I had horses stabled at Grafton Road (off The Avenue) in Worcester Park over 25 years ago. One summer night I had gone there quite late to bring my horse in, and noticed a bay horse I'd not seen before near the end of the field. I didn't think much about it - just thought it was a new horse that had been put in the field.

About half an later I was just about to put a water bucket in the stable when I heard a mad rush of hooves rushing past me so fast i could feel the wind against my skin as it passed....then an awful noise as if there were horses neighing and screaming as if terrified.

Then I saw the bay horse go straight through a shut/locked stable door!!! The noise stopped and everything went quiet - the stable door was padlocked AND bolted up!

I was so terrified I couldn't get out of that yard fast enough. I drove up the road, but stopped by the field as I thought about the bay horse I'd first seen. What was it that I'd seen? Was my mind playing tricks on me?

I was scared but puzzled and rang one of the girls who'd stabled there for years.

She told me there had been a fire in the yard years before and the horse that i saw had got trapped and burned to death in the stable block (and afterwards the block was rebuilt in the same place. Apparently when it was alive the owner never put a head collar on it to bring it in from the field as she'd open the gate and it would go straight into it's stable.. and she said that is what I'd seen.

She said she had heard it before but never seen anything.

I went down the next day to see old Tom Parker who I rented the stable from. He said it had happened years ago and knew about the hauntings as previous tennants had mentioned strange thing going on there.

Needless to say it scared that s*#t out of me so much that I then stabled my horse at Tom Parkers at the farm by Worcester Park station."

Altogether now... scar-ey hor-ses....