Friday, 9 April 2010

Local Council Elections & General Election - Candidates List

Below are the confirmed candidates standing in the local council elections and Parliamentary elections on Thursday 6th May.

There are two Sutton Council wards in Worcester Park  - Worcester Park ward and Nonsuch ward. Parts of Worcester Park also fall under Kingston Council's Old Malden ward, which I have therefore also included below. Beside each candidate is their address - it may not matter to you, but I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to being more inclined to vote for candidates who actually live in the ward for which they are standing.

Worcester Park straddles the boarders of three Parliamentary constituencies: Sutton & Cheam, Kingston & Surbiton, and Epsom & Ewell.

WORCESTER PARK WARD (London Borough of Sutton)

Conservative Party:
Stuart Gordon-Bullock (Cookes Lane, Cheam)
Marie Grant (Wilbury Avenue, Cheam)
Alan Swinton (Beresford Road, Cheam)

Labour Party:
John Evers (St Philip's Avenue, Worcester Park)
David Hosking (Longfellow Road, Worcester Park)
Hilary Hosking (Longfellow Road, Worcester Park)

Liberal Democrats:
Jennifer Campbell Klomps (The Hamptons, Worcester Park)
Jason J Hunter (Hemingford Road, North Cheam)
Stephen Fenwick (Queen Elizabeth's Walk, Wallington)

United Kingdom Independence Party:Chris Day (Courtenay Road, Worcester Park)

NONSUCH WARD (London Borough of Sutton)

Conservative Party:
Eric Allen (The Avenue, Cheam)
Richard Butt (Arundel Road, Cheam)
Alan Plant (Church Hill Road, North Cheam)

Labour Party:
Kathie Clark (Moreton Road, Worcester Park)
Shaw Buck (Lawrence Road, Hove)
Marcus Papadopoulos (Stoneigh Avenue, Worcester Park)

Liberal Democrats:
Gerry Jerome (St Philips Avenue, Worcester Park)
Kirsty Jerome (St Philips Avenue, Worcester Park)
Roger Roberts (Oaks Avenue, Worcester Park)

The three candidates who gain the most votes in each individual ward will be elected to sit on the Council from 2010 to 2014.

OLD MALDEN WARD (Royal Borough Of Kingston Upon Thames)

Conservative Party:
Mick Amson (Malden Road, New Malden)
David Fraser (Malden Road, Nww Malden)
Kate Stinton (Adelaide Road, Surbiton)

Labour Party:
Ian Kellett (Kingshill Avenue, Worcester Park)
John Knowles (Fir Grove, New Malden)
George Pearson (Church Road, Worcester Park)

Liberal Democrats:
Ghazala Hayat (Risborough Drive, Old Malden)
Suk-Ha Kwon (Sheephouse Way, New Malden)
Kerry Williams (Sheephouse Way, New Malden)

Christian Peoples Alliance:
Roger Glencross (Hollington Crescent, New Malden)

Green Party:
Adeela Taimuri (Archdale Place, New Malden)

Daniel Goodger (Chantry Road, Chessington)



Declared candidates to date for the Parliamentary election on Thursday 6th May

Constituency of Sutton, Cheam & Worcester Park

Kathy Allen (Labour)
Paul Burstow (Liberal Democrat)
Martin Cullip (Libertarian)
Peter Hickson (Green Party)
David Pickles (UK Independence Party)
Philippa Stroud (Conservative)

Constituency of Kingston & Surbiton:

Edward Davey (Liberal Democrat)
Max Freedman (Labour)
Edmond Rosenthal (UK Independence Party)
Monkey The Drummer (Monster Raving Loony Party)
Chris Walker (Green Party)
Helen Whately (Conservative)

Constituency of Epsom & Ewell:

Chris Grayling (Conservative)
Jonathan Lees (Liberal Democrat)
Craig Montgomery (Labour)
Elizabeth Wallace (UK Independence Party)