Monday, 12 April 2010

J.J. O.K. ... BNP n/a ... GP £167k

Three quick things to start your week...

J.J. O.K: John James Gardening is now under new management (although it is still owned by the same family which has run it for the past 34 years). As soon as I heard the news I made straight for the store to discover the fate of J.J the parrot. I'm please to say he has survived the change and can still be found keeping a watchful eye over the store. I guess there was a special claws in his employment contract. Fnarr fnarr.

BNP n/a: The BNP have beaten a retreat after their paltry showing in the Nonsuch by-election last year and are not fielding any candidates in the forthcoming local elections. Mind you, the Labour party candidate polled half the share of the BNP candidate and he will be standing again.

GP £167k: Good news for those struggling to find a GP in Worcester Park with an £167k of funding approved to expand Dr Kanthan's surgery on London Road. Details on Jason J Hunter's campaign website.

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Jeff said...

Saying that the BNP has beaten a retreat after their paltry showing in the Nonsuch by-election (in which they beat Labour)is very far from the truth.

They're concentrating their resources on contesting the Sutton and Cheam parliamentary constituency where the BNP candidate is John Clarke: one of 32 BNP parliamentary candidates in the London area. It is noticeable that his name is missing from the list of candidates for Sutton and Cheam shown on this blog.

Like 'em or hate 'em, you can't just air brush them out of politics.

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