Friday, 2 April 2010

Hell's bells, it's 'The HG Wells'

It barely seems five minutes since I was blogging about The Drill public house being refurbished and re-opening under new management.

Long-standing blog readers will recall that The Drill got on the wrong side of Worcester Park (quite literally) by declaring on its website that it was in Cheam.

The people of Worcester Park were understandably distraught at this snub but thankfully civil uprising was averted - after an impassioned e-mail from yours truly The Drill promptly changed their website and declared allegiance to Worcester Park.

Two years (and yet another change of management) on, The Drill public house is no more. It has closed down and will be re-opening with new mangement under the new name: 'The H G Wells' on 28th April.

The new name is, of course, a nod to the fact that the author H.G. Wells was a one-time resident of Worcester Park (living for a time in The Avenue).

Full marks to the new owners for opting for a name with a link to the local area in an age when so many historical (and meaningful) local pub names are being lost forever in favour of the meaningless and generic.

Not only did H G Wells live in Worcester Park, it also had the honour of featuring in one of this short stories - The Argonauts Of The Air - which you can read here.