Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Barclays Bank Robbery

Police are in attendance at Barclays Bank on Central Road after an apparent robbery at the bank at lunchtime.

Did anyone witness anything?

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Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this robbery, but whilst in the high street yesterday, I noticed a sign on Pet's Place saying they were closed due to a burglary but that the animals were fine!

streety said...

Barclays have been robbing customers for years.I would be quite happy to see them being robbed for a change

Anonymous said...

I saw these two guys making of, and got a good look at one of them, I called the police to let them know, 24 hrs later I have not heard from anyone. ???????????????????????

Brixtonian said...

Well Streety, hope you are pleased, cos its us, (that means you streety) that pay in the end. And these wonderful examples to society who are afraid of a hard days work, live the high life on our hard earned cash.

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