Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Barclays Bank - Cash In Transit Robbery

In the latest of a succession of cash-in-transit robberies in Worcester Park, thieves struck as a security van arrived at Barclays Bank on Central Road just before 1 o'clock this afternoon.

The thieves are understood to have escaped on foot with a cash box.

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axlrocky said...

lib dems - strong on crime?

JasonJHunter said...

Hi again axlrocky,

I am presuming by the question mark at the end of your last post above that you are looking for an answer, and if I may be so bold...

The total number of crimes in Sutton has fallen by nearly a fifth over the last five years. This means 3,099 fewer crimes - that's 19.3% less than in 2005-06.

During the last financial year (2009 - 2010), the number of crimes fell again - this time by 6.2% compared with the previous year.

The most significant crime reductions during the last year were in the following categories:

A 25.1% fall in theft of motor vehicles to 409 crimes, which is the fourth lowest figure of all the 32 London boroughs, and represents a 47.2% drop on five years ago

A 20.2% fall in serious youth violence - and a 9.9% fall in most serious violence

A 13.8% fall in residential burglary, which was the second highest reduction over the last 12 months in the Met.

In addition, serious 'acquisitive' crime, which includes robbery, burglary, and theft of and theft from motor vehicles, was down in total by 4.3%. Crimes of domestic violence fell too whilst domestic violence arrests and detections increased.

Overall satisfaction with police remains high at over 80%.

Hope this helps set your mind at rest. And on a more specific level; The local Safer Neighborhood Team (SNT) are doing a great job in Worcester Park. I have been out on patrol with them and have great confidence that they will continue to be 'tough on crime' and keep our neighborhoods safe.

I think overall - things are looking up! All we need now is some new councillors in Worcester Park who sincerely care about where we live and are passionate about where we live.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame no one was looking out of the window of the police station at the time, given that it's almost opposite Barclays.

Still, I'm sure some grainy undecipherable footage from one of the many CCTV cameras will surface at some point...

Anonymous said...

that bank needs serriously updating, not surprised its been a target, mind you im even more surprised that they got away! would of thought with todays police force they would of been onto them much quicker

Anonymous said...

I heard that someone tried to tip Barclays off about the robbery before it happened, but after an hour on the phone to the Indian based call-centre, they gave up trying to explain what a robbery was :-)

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