Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Next Drain To Water Loo

If you have used or even walked past Worcester Park station recently the chances are you will have caught wind of problems (yet again) with the station's drains.

Commuters at the station have been greeted by the less than fresh scent of South West Train's brand of 'Odour Toilette' for the past week.

'Coffee Man' was one of several blog readers who e-mailed me to let me know about the nasty niff, which is so bad that it required the use of four exclamation marks:

"It's raw sewage leaking from a drain in the forecourt of the station and running down the main road and under the bridge. Apparently Network Rail/ South West Trains have been advised on several occasions over the last week and still no action. 

It smells like a third world country !!!!!

It happened 3 time last year and they still can't get their drains sorted out.So be careful when walking the the area ,it will rot your shoes."
Whilst another blog reader asked;
"Am I the only person who doesn't like the smell in the waiting room - not very inviting, particularly for the coffee shop - could we persuade SWT to do something?"
Of course if this were the Sutton Guardian, the quotes would no doubt be accompanied by a picture of the aggrieved commuter standing outside the station looking suitably disgusted, pinching his nose with one hand whilst pointing at the offending effluent with the other. And the article would probably begin with a line about how 'commuters at Worcester Park station were kicking up a stink' yada yada yada.
But it isn't, so you'll just have to imagine that bit.