Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Very Long Arm Of The Law

I was inspired by The Brinkster's photo of 'PCSO Steve', who was out terrifying the crap out of small children on Central Road yesterday. I think all PCSO's should wear these costumes whilst on duty.

Their imposing height would go some way to compensate for the lack of powers of arrest, and if things do turn violent (which is unlikely as it's hard to be aggressive towards a an 8ft tall officer with a perma-grin and comedy shoes) then they would be nicely cushioned from any blows and could diffuse the situation by giving the reprobates a comedy clip round the ear with their soft foamy hands.

I think the idea has legs.

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Anonymous said...

I do think our dear Mr Blogger is missing the point here.
Instead of using and abusing someone else’s photo, would it not have been a good idea to actually venture out and witness first hand what proved to be a particularly successful and charitable event (The Daffodil Festival at Christchurch with St Philip). A great many people turned out (including pcso Steve) to give their services and ensure the day was enjoyed by a large number of locals of all ages.
Whilst I agree that everyone has a right to their own opinions, I do feel a certain amount of restraint should be applied when voicing those opinions, or we risk ending up appearing narrow minded and indeed childish, when offering needless criticism of peoples erstwhile efforts to serve their community. Our police do a good (and difficult) job and have a hard enough time without the witless comments of ‘The Worcester Park Blogger’ and for the record, the kids I saw with pcso Steve appeared happy, free of any fear and went away with stickers, balloons and other freebies.

YOU, Mr Blogger, provide the community with an extremely informative and interesting forum….

Just grow up a bit eh?

Exceedingly kind regards

Worcester Park said...

Oh dear, another sense of humour failure.

I don't quite see how a tongue-in-cheek posting suggesting that all PCSOs should wear comedy 8ft foam costumes was a criticism of the charitable efforts in aid of St Raphael's hospice, but like you say everyone is entitled to their opinions.

And if you are doubting my support for the work that our local police do, you may wish to re-read the preceding blog post.

Oh, and yes, I did go and show my support for the event - the same way that I showed my support by publicising it on the blog on Sunday.

Matt said...

Anything funny inevitably seems to upset someone. If it happens to be you that's offended it's generally wise to let it go...

axlrocky said...

another great anon comment there - at least have the balls to put a name to the slag off!

Whilst the cause was a worthy one, the band very good and the efforts very worthy, it should be noted that St. Raph's were a bit naughty stealing the official Marie Curie charity Daffodil Day for their own cause. Whilst any charitable cause is worthwhile I am sure there would be uproar if I organised a parade for a seperate charity on St Raph's Sunflower day.

Apart from that rant it was a good parade with a great sense of community that is sorely lacking in WP usually.

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