Monday, 29 March 2010

Streets Ahead?

The recent joint public consultation by Kingston Council and Sutton Council on how best to spend funding to improve the streets around Green Lane and Central Road certainly generated some healthy debated amongst blog readers.

The Worcester Park public had the opportunity to view the Councils' proposals at a series of public exhibitions at Green Lane School last week. 

With the exception of some general improvements to the pavement and some de-cluttering/upgrades to 'street furniture' to a small section of Central Road, between Green Lane and Longfellow Road,  the proposed 'improvements' appeared to consist mainly of improved street crossings in the various residential streets that are in line for the funding. 

Is this a case of creating proposals to suit the funding, or finding funding to suit the proposals? I suspect the former. Others who have viewed the proposals may disagree -  perhaps improved street crossings are precisely what our residential roads are crying out for.

Sadly (and in my view inexcusably) the proposals aren't available online, so if you didn't make it down to the school hall to look at the displays you have missed your chance.

I have asked the Council for electronic copies of the various plans so I can bring them to you on the blog, but so far to no avail.

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CheamCommoner said...

I had to travel down central road every morning for years and the only way to beat the traffic was to leave very early. I now avoid it as much as possible but do on rare occassions have to make the dreaded trip down the hill in the mornings. Now is it me or is there quiet a simple solution which would cut the amount of congestion further up the hill ? Why oh why is the entrance to Stone place car park not one way next to Iceland ? Surely making it incoming only would stop the rat run and make the cars join the queue further up the hill thus stopping the traffic from moving at all at the top.

I realise that doing this will only move the traffic, however, making it join further up will release the pressure further down and perhaps let the traffic flow.

Anonymous said...

Central Road should get priority, but for years The Avenue lights and Green Lane seemed to slow it all down. It could have been done years ago to just rephase the lights to allow Central Road to flow for at least two minutes before stopping.
It has to be remembered that the side roads are being used because Central Road is so slow. Eg The Browning Avenue/ Green Lane rat run to avoid Central Road, it's not just Hamptons traffic exiting Green Lane but people coming down from North Cheam etc. Freeing up Central Road would prevent many drivers wanting to use that route.

I concur that blocking off the car park should also be done and perhaps charging people (more) would deter them from using it.

Jeff said...

The long-term answer to WP's traffic problems generally, and Green Lane's in particular, lies in the revival of the 1930s plan to build a 'by-pass' round WP. This would start at the roundabout at Lower Morden and run along the wide footpath between the cemetries and emerge by Green Lane School.

Then it would go up the 'ramp' (already built 70 years ago) and over the railway line, through Manor Park before linking up with the Malden Road by the junction with Sheephouse Way.

This would also assist residents in the Hamptons giving them two further exits (towards Lower Morden and Sheephouse Way). They should also open up the other entrance/exit to the Hamptons in Boscombe Road, North Worcester Park, which although appearing open on A-Z maps was closed when I checked it out a couple of weeks ago.

The problem with the Worcester Park By-pass route is that it involves 3 councils cooperating and it would destroy a peaceful rural part of Manor Park, the wooded area adjacent to the railway line.

Anonymous said...

My neighbour asked the workmen who are upgrading the pavements at the junction of Caveleigh Way and Pembury Avenue, what they are doing as the pavements looked exactly the same as before. They told him, that they didn't know themselves!

coffee man said...

It was a great idea to build the 'flyover' in the 1930's. but houses have now been built on part of the ramp in the Pembury/Kingshill area.So WP is really locked in by the railway bridge and the slow route to the A3.(Malden Road)
Widening Central Road therefore would be of no use at all.
Realy good idea to make access to Stone Place as one way entrance and exit.

Anonymous said...

I've just received a leaflet from re-elected Paul Burstow in which he claims that the Worcester Park traffic lights have been re-phased due to pressure by the Lib Dem council on the Mayor of London and that improvements have been made in traffic congestion in W.Park. Really??

The last time (and most times) I noticed there were still huge queues down Central Road extending up to Ruskin Drive and often as far as Dalmeny Road. I therefore have to be rather sceptical about this 'improvement' as Paul Burstow congratulates his council on?

Moreover, why should it be in the remit of the Mayor of London to control traffic lights? It should be the local councils themselves who know the local traffic conditions and problems and have control over lights etc, as they do with most road issues such as traffic 'calming' measures, one-way streets or parking issues? But somehow traffic lights belong to Boris Johnson??

All that congestion does little for the environment either Boris?

JasonJHunter said...

Hi 'Anonymous' I too saw that leaflet and can confirm the LibDem campaigners have been heavily lobbying Transport for London (TfL) to get the lights re-phased. I was part of the lobbying team since last year to get the new 'SCOOT' (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique) system installed and up and running.

In March, the system went live and now is supposed to detect how many vehicles are travelling from side roads and from Central Road via the four sets of traffic lights from the station up to Pizza Express lights and change the lights accordingly dependent on the volume of traffic.

This is all supposed to happen in real time - good news.

There are a couple of teething problems, which you would expect with any new IT system, which they are working out at the moment.

My belief is that TfL (run by Boris and his team) should extend this SCOOT system from North Cheam lights through to Old Malden lights by the Harvester where the traffic to the A3 generally seems to flow better.

Pressure and emails to your local ward councillors Jennifer Campbell-Klomps, Stephen Fenwick and Stuart Gordon-Bullock will enhance the possibility of this happening.

There is also a public Local Committee meeting next Wednesday evening (17th June) at Christ Church with St Philip where all your councillors will be present from Worcester Park, Nonsuch and Stonecot wards and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions for how the Worcester Park funding can be spent. highly worth a visit...

Anonymous said...

If they put yellow/keep clear grids on the exits of the Newmalden roundabout to stop inconsiderate drivers blocking the roundabout this would also improve the traffic flow through Worcester Park considerably!

coffee man said...

Has anybody yet noticed the delay pedestrians now have, trying to cross the road using the crossing outside Costas.
This afternoon after having waited a long time for the green cross signal, i noticed many people got so frustrated in waiting for the green, they crossed between the moving traffic.Of which there wasn't a lot of ,it must be said.
This happened on a number of occasions in a half hour period ( i was having a coffee).
If the pedestrian crossings on Central Road are now linked to the traffic lights system as i suspect.Then it seems obvious that priority is now being given to traffic(bus timetables?) at the expense of pedestrians who need to cross the road in safety.The timings i made were very rough but the average time against the pedestrians was 3/4 minutes between each session of green.Surely from a road safety point this cannot be right.

Rick said...

Yes Coffee Man, I've noticed how pedestrians are now either giving up and crossing halfway at a time, as a pause in traffic allows, or have simply assumed the pedestrian 'button' is broken and have just crossed when they can.

No doubt, this will be recorded as evidence of another huge success by Sutton Council - look out for a forthcoming leaflet, saying exactly so in the new notice board outside Pizza Express! [Assuming the council's messenger doesn't get run over, whilst trying to reach it!]

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