Monday, 29 March 2010

Streets Ahead?

The recent joint public consultation by Kingston Council and Sutton Council on how best to spend funding to improve the streets around Green Lane and Central Road certainly generated some healthy debated amongst blog readers.

The Worcester Park public had the opportunity to view the Councils' proposals at a series of public exhibitions at Green Lane School last week. 

With the exception of some general improvements to the pavement and some de-cluttering/upgrades to 'street furniture' to a small section of Central Road, between Green Lane and Longfellow Road,  the proposed 'improvements' appeared to consist mainly of improved street crossings in the various residential streets that are in line for the funding. 

Is this a case of creating proposals to suit the funding, or finding funding to suit the proposals? I suspect the former. Others who have viewed the proposals may disagree -  perhaps improved street crossings are precisely what our residential roads are crying out for.

Sadly (and in my view inexcusably) the proposals aren't available online, so if you didn't make it down to the school hall to look at the displays you have missed your chance.

I have asked the Council for electronic copies of the various plans so I can bring them to you on the blog, but so far to no avail.