Thursday, 11 March 2010

An Education In Itself...

Education is a bit of a thorny issue for us Worcester Parkers - not only does our little town find itself on the borders of three different boroughs but the lack of local secondary school forces parents into a stressful battle to secure a place for their offspring.

Paul Burstow MP today raised at Prime Minister's Question Time the issue of the 170 families living in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park who learned last week that they have not been offered a place at any local high school, whilst many other children from outside the borough have been successful at getting places in Sutton schools.

Meanwhile, local mum Jenny has e-mailed me to voice her concerns about the expansion of Cheam Common Infants School in Worcester Park:

"I was rather concerned to receive a letter from the school recently stating that they are looking to expand the school to a four form entry school. I believe this will involve adding an additional three classrooms to the infants school and then eventually a further 4 classrooms to accommodate children in the junior site.

Where are they going to put these classrooms, the playground and school halls are already tight for space for the children that currently attend the schools?

What will this do to the level of teaching and care at the school, I haven’t seen any OFSTED reports for four form entry primary schools that are either good or excellent.

Would it not make more sense to expand one of the other infants schools in the area? Dorchester, for example, has more space."

Your homework for today is to read my blog post from last year which featured WhiteVanLady's excellent take on the school admissions process in Worcester Park.

I'll be asking questions at the end.